24 Priceless Comments From the Internet

24 Priceless Comments From the Internet

Typically when we think about the internet, we think about the comments section as the absolute worst. Usually, the only people who want to leave a comment are angry about the content or feel like what they have to say is more important (which it usually isn’t).

However, as these priceless internet comments demonstrate, sometimes there is hidden gold in the comments section; moments of pure comedy that can only come about in the spontaneous conversations between total strangers. There’s something totally magical about how internet commenters can just cut right to the heart of the matter and find the humour in just about anything. Everyone seems more unfiltered on the internet, and that can be beneficial to great comedy in the comments section.

These priceless internet comments demonstrate the value of having a comment section because sometimes you forget all about the article or video and just wonder where people come up with this stuff.

1) Beating the system: Sometimes the system just seems set up to keep you down. What can you do when there’s seemingly no solution? You get creative. In this case, one person’s circumvention of an unfair cancellation fee made for one of the most priceless internets comments out there.

Beating the systemimgur

2) The Circle of LifeThe Lion King is one of the most celebrated Disney films of all time, and still holds a place in the hearts of many a ’90s kids who saw it and fell in love with Simba and his friends. However, if you really start looking too deep into it, there is something just not quite right about the whole thing.

3) Bic, For Her: Sometimes a product is so hilariously misguided that it is just asking to be skewered in priceless internet comments. When Bic released a line of pens known as ‘Bic For Her,’ the company was rightfully lambasted and quickly pulled the product from the shelves, but not before people had a chance to mock it on Amazon.

4) Ken M, King of Comments: Once upon a time, a man known only as Ken M began leaving priceless internet comments on articles that he read. Often these comments would leave people confused and frustrated, but Ken would only continue to troll his fellow commenters. Ken M became an internet legend, and all he had to do was leave a comment.

5. Facing criticism: Sometimes putting your face on the internet can result in some unwelcomed comments about your appearance. Unfortunately, sometimes that criticism is hilarious and right on point. In this case, it’s one of those things that you won’t be able to unsee after you read this particular comment.

6) Chip on their shoulder: Sometimes an internet comment isn’t sassy, sarcastic, or funny, it’s just a question. In this case, the questions are kind of stupid. Someone on Amazon wanted to know if a bag of chips was the vegetarian kind. The company couldn’t handle how dumb the question was, and responded with the appropriate amount of sass.

7) Size is relative: Videos can lie. They can be manipulated, edited, and changed to show the audience something completely different than reality. In this case, one YouTube commenter dares to ask the hard questions and points out how limited our knowledge really is when we’re watching something someone else created.

8. Ken M Returns: Once again, when you’re looking for some priceless internet comments, you have to find some from Ken M. In this case, Ken M presents some interesting “facts” about potatoes. The best part about a comment thread featuring Ken M is all the other commenters replying to him as if everything he writes is sincere.

 Ken M Returnsindy100

9) Internet comment poetry: There is something truly beautiful about an artistic comment. In this case, one commenter turns their own experiences into poetry, so that we may all enjoy the fruits of their emotional pain. If only every internet comment could be this artistic and tasteful. Unfortunately, that’s not the world in which we live.

Internet comment poetryreddit

10) How heavy is this bag?: Once again, another stupid question on Amazon gets another sassy answer. This one is sort of like that old riddle of what’s heavier, 100 pounds of bricks or 100 pounds of feathers. Only, in this case, there is no riddle, just a clueless person who might not understand how exactly a bag works.

 How heavy is this bag?imgur

11) Problem solved: Sometimes priceless internet comments earn their merit by pointing out how ridiculous the content is. In this case, it happens to be a homemade item that could literally be the definition of ‘overkill.’ Could anyone possibly need a knife that is also somehow a stun gun? Probably not.

12) Ken M Strikes Again: Is there any better internet commenter than Ken M? It’s hard to think that there is. Here we see his genius shining through in yet another comment on a science-themed article. Although Ken quickly turns things political, making a genius commentary on the state of American politics.

13) Hopefully, that TV is made of gold: Sometimes it’s hard to resist criticizing the price of something on Amazon. Some items are so insanely overpriced that it’s impossible not to comment on it. This brilliant commenter tells a great story about how they were able to afford such an expensive luxury item.

Hopefully, that TV is made of goldreddit

14) Hope that’s helpful: Sometimes a Youtube comment is just a helpful tip, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a little bit biting. In this case, someone doesn’t seem to realize that music gets recorded and can be played virtually anywhere on almost anything nowadays. Hopefully, they’ve taken this other kind of commenter’s advice to heart.

15) Zebra gymnastics: One of the beautiful things an internet comment can do is make you see things differently. In this case, it’s pretty amazing to see a zebra every day, but when the commenter points out the hidden value in this photograph, it makes your experience that much better. There’s so much beauty in the world, isn’t there?

16) Are you sure?: The most priceless internet comments are usually the ones that call someone out. In this case, it’s someone who probably didn’t think anyone would look at her username. However, one steely-eyed commenter was sharp enough to notice this inconsistency. Then they keep digging, hoping to find the truth once and for all.

Are you sure?:reddit

17) Another Ken M Classic: Once again, Ken M delivers a hilarious blow to the comments section. Never one to shy away from getting political, this time Ken blames Obama for, as it seems, the very idea of efficient juicers. Another commenter is lured in by Ken’s ignorance before he laments the struggles of his grandson.

18) Take that, Apple maps: This YouTube commenter fires off a sick burn on Apple maps, which was buggy and nearly unusable when it first launched. Once again, it takes a YouTube comment to put the truth out there, even though almost everyone was talking about how terrible Apple maps were.

19) A Great Bard: What kind of weird keyboard is this? How could anyone ever use only half of the letters in the alphabet? Well, one brave Amazon commenter was able to fully review this strange product, using only the letters that were available to them. If you concentrate really hard and take it one word at a time, you can almost read it normally.

A Great Bardreddi

20) An amazing comeback: So a guy goes out to get ice cream because he hears the ice cream truck. He shares his triumph on his Facebook page. Then some rude commenter decides to take a shot at him. Does this guy let it bother him? No way. He fires back with the perfect comment to shut that noise down.

21) So cute, so deadly: YouTube is full of videos featuring adorable animals, and people’s reactions to them are usually all the same. “Awww so cute,” they say. Sometimes though, you get a comment that really emphasizes just how cute an animal is in the most unconventional way. In this case, it could be dangerous.

22) Pure literary criticism: When you’re buying a book off of Amazon, you want to know if it’s going to be worth your time. The story needs to go somewhere. You need to connect with the characters. The themes need to be relevant. So it’s very helpful when someone is willing to offer up their own detailed criticism of a book if only to save you time.

23) Even Facebook is confused: Every once in a while, there is a totally annoying Facebook trend that everyone seems to get caught up in. One of the most prominent ones was Farmville, and eventually, everyone figured out that the only thing more boring than farming is pretending to farm. Well, almost everyone.

24) No love for Nicholas Cage: The Wicker Man is not a good movie. This is a fairly universal opinion. Is it enjoyable to watch? Certainly, there is some camp value to Nicholas Cage’s totally unhinged performance and the absolutely insane script. However, it’s really special when a simple YouTube comment somehow has more entertainment value than an entire Hollywood film.

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