Mama June Shows Off Trim New Figure in Little Black Dress Months After 300-Pound Weight Loss

Mama June Shows Off Trim New Figure in Little Black Dress Months

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was an extremely popular television show that ran until 2014. Mama June along with her four daughters were the main characters of the show. However, for Mama June’s upcoming 38th birthday, she decided to showcase her new slim body in a sleek black dress.

The former TLC star admits she weighed over 460 pounds when the filming for the show first began.

In 2013, Mama June said she lost 100 pounds without ‘even trying’ but admits that she later put some of the weight back on.

But last summer, June Shannon was able to show off her new body in a red Baywatch-esque one-piece swimsuit.

During the filming of the show, Mama June was regularly seen eating big plates of food, including one of her favourite dishes known as ‘sketti.’ A combination of spaghetti, ketchup, and butter.

Since then, she has dropped over 300 pounds and plans on maintaining the size 4 body that she currently has.

Mama June Shows Off Trim New Figure in Little Black Dress Months DailyMail

Mama June hopes to maintain her current body composition with the help of good food decisions, exercise and portion control. In an interview, she said: ‘I can promise you I am never going back to that size. I’m happy where I’m at.’

Mama June has said that she has spent more than 75 thousand dollars on operations such as gastric sleeve surgery, breast augmentation and 9 pounds worth of skin removal.

In an interview with People Now, Mama June said: ‘it’s kind of crazy. A lot of people don’t recognize who I am until I talk. It’s kind of like I’m in my own disguise.’

She continued by saying: ‘normally when I walk through the streets, everybody notices me, and now it’s like nobody [does].’

At her heaviest, Mama June was around 460 pounds but she hopes that her drastic transformation will inspire her daughters and others to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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