25 Times The World Made Us Want To Flip A Table

We have all been in that time when we saw something and thought about flipping a table. We don’t mean flipping a table in a frustrated way, but in a shocked way.

You did it because you were shocked at what you saw. If you want to have more of these moments then look no further.

Below is a list of 25 times the world made us want to flip a table.

1. Where’s Waldo?: There was a time when we were all obsessed with the Where Is Waldo? game. When this guy was dressed in a similar outfit as Waldo and he got taken away by police this meme was created. It’s so accurate and shocking that it will make some of you want to flip a table over it. It also brings us nostalgia to when we were younger and played this game.

2. Tom’s Anonymous: This is hilarious and such a shocking mistake that it will make you want to flip a table. If someone wishes to remain anonymous that means they don’t want their name to be published. It turns out that this newspaper in Ireland decided to name the source regardless of if they wished to remain anonymous or not.

3. Meaningful Tattoo: We have all been told that tattoos should be meaningful because we will have to live with them for the rest of our lives. This person decided to get this age old saying on their body along with a deformed looking Spongebob Squarepants. The extent to which this person went to make fun of the saying will make you want to flip a table.

4. Country Club Spells: For anyone out there who believes in spells and witchcraft this image will make you want to flip a table. These photos were taken above a country club and look a lot like the symbols we have seen in films that mimic spells. We are not sure what these country club members do here, but we are thinking it might not be tennis.

5. Doll Night Light: For anyone out there who is afraid of dolls and specifically doll heads these images will make you want to flip a table in horror. Someone thought it was a good idea to keep doll heads and turn them into night lights for children. We believe the majority of children were and are terrified of these dolls and don’t want them sticking around after they have lost their purpose.

Instagram /u/ @wot_u_sayin_tho

6. Deer Hitchhikers: The deer in this picture look like they are trying to hitch a ride somewhere.  If you were driving down the street and you saw two deer on their hind legs you probably wouldn’t pull over. It’s so shocking to see two deer together like this on the side of the road that we are certain this image will make a lot of people want to flip a table.

Instagram /u/ @memelif3

7. Impending Doom Cloud: The look of this cloud will make a lot of people flip and table and run for cover. This cloud looks like the ones we see in films when doom is right around the corner. It also looks like there was a chemical or bomb test that happened not too far away and that was the effect it had on the sky.

8. Snake Attack: This girl’s mom found a snake climbing through the vent of her car. We don’t know if this is common for any of you, but it definitely isn’t for us. This is one flip the table scenario that we believe everyone would do. We will be checking our car fans from now on to make sure there are no reptiles in there trying to get in.

9. Frozen Hair: We have never seen anything like this happen to hair before. After this girl was in a hot spring outside for 15 minutes her hair began to freeze. If we were there to witness this we would’ve totally flipped a table when we saw this happen. We can’t help but wonder if her hair is able to crack like an icicle.

10. Wired Car: We have been trying to figure out why this car is being held up by wires the way it is. It sort of looks like this car is being held up on purpose by these wires. If that is the case this is a flip the table scenario because it absolutely makes no sense why someone would want to park their car this way.


11. Real Crocs: You remember the Crocs shoe phase? This brings the Croc shoe to a whole other level. These are shoes that are made entirely to look like crocodiles. We don’t know why someone would want to wear shoes that look like this, and we are not sure what company thought of making these shoes. All we know is that this is something to flip the table over.


12. Wave Blanket: We are completely shocked at how this photo was captured, so shocked that we are about to the flip the table. It’s amazing how this wave came up perfectly and covered up this girl who was laying on the beach. We really wish that this would happen to us when we were on the beach.

13. Brain Spasm: When we first looked at this photo we couldn’t see it but once we looked harder we could. Focus your eyes on the guys face for a little while and soon your brain will have a spasm and you will be flipping tables in no time. This is one of those optical illusions that plays with everyone’s minds.

14. Puppet Feeder: If you are one of those people who are afraid of puppets then this photo will make you flip a table. This lady in the park is feeding birds through her puppet. To top off all the weirdness that is going on in this photo the puppet kind of looks like the lady who is controlling it. We have seen some strange things and this one is high up on that list.

15. Winter Has Come: For anyone who watches Game of Thrones, you will enjoy this picture. It might even make you want to flip a table in glee at how precisely this image matches the “winter is coming” slogan of the show. We have to admit the attention to detail in these snowmen is pretty amazing and we are a bit upset we didn’t think about it first.

16. Dog Sign: According to Reddit user leclou24 this sign can be found in a park on Prince Edward Island. It turns out that people make signs not only for other people but also for dogs. The fact that this sign has also added language for dogs will cause some to flip a table. For the ones that don’t flip a table, we are sure that this will bring laughter into your lives.

17. Toilet Soup: This photo will probably make a lot of people flip a table from shock and disgust. This girl got caught eating soup out of a toilet bowl and we all know how many germs are in a toilet bowl. We don’t know what made this girl want to do this but we really hope that no harm came to her following this photo.

18. Dead Battery: This photo will amaze anyone who had ever had a dead battery and their phone has actually died. It turns out that this person had no battery life at all, yet their phone was still turned on and they were able to use it. Some of you might be so frustrated by this photo that you will flip a table over it. We have to admit that this person must have got a magical phone because we have never seen this happen before.


19. Fake Heads: We have heard of getting work done before but never anything like this. We are guessing that this prosthetic head sign isn’t accurate and is somehow the mistake of some printing or spelling error. This mistake will probably result in some of you wanting to flip a table and laugh at how hilarious this advertisement is.

20. One Strong Tree: When we first saw this we didn’t know what was happening. Upon further examination, it looks like this tree was able to lift up the edge of this grass area. We have never seen anything like this before and are shocked that this even happened. The guy who is posing for this photo seems like he is pleased with himself noticing this happened.

21. Ride A Dog: We are guessing that this is due to some optical illusion but we wish it was true. The angle the photo was taken at makes it look as though this labrador is gigantic and that this man in the back is getting a ride on the dog’s back. We know that this can’t possibly be true but we really wish it was.

Imgur /u/ ArcticDragon0

22. Cool Stools: These cool stools will make you want to flip a table in shock. Upon first look, it seems like this man has a plastic lower body. When you look at it a bit harder you begin to see that this man is actually sitting on a stool that makes it appear as though that is his lower half. We want to find stools like this and get them immediately to play visual tricks on people.

23. Freaky Hallway: This is one super wicked hallways that will make you want to slip a table in shock. The way this hallway is designed makes it look like the walls are continuously moving. For anyone walking in them, this will become one mind trick after another. We just hope that no one is drunk when they walk through this hallway, it won’t end well.

24. Egg Within Egg: Have you ever cracked an egg and found another egg within it? No? Well, we haven’t either but after seeing this image we want this to happen to us. For all of you egg lovers out there you might want to flip a table over this photo because it didn’t happen to you. But don’t worry, there is always a chance that this may happen again.

25. Street Art At Its Best: When you get to witness really good street art you have to capture it. That’s what Reddit user Nobilitie did when he saw this amazing piece of art in Italy. This street art will make you want to flip a table it’s that good. It plays off of optical illusions and beautiful colors to make it seem like this art is actually the architecture of the building.

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