Woman Returns A Christmas Tree On January 4th Because ‘It’s Dead’

Christmas can be a financially tough time for a lot of people, and there are not a lot of ways to recoup the costs of Christmas. However, one woman found that a returned Christmas tree could get her a full refund at Costco. This dead Christmas tree return was witnessed by another shopper who made a facebook post about the encounter.

The woman apparently wanted a refund for her Christmas tree because it was dead. That was her only reason. Technically, she is correct, but is this the lamest excuse someone has ever presented to get a refund? Probably not, but it’s definitely one of the worst that has ever been documented.

The worst part of the whole returned Christmas tree story is that Costco actually granted the woman a refund! It’s unclear why they thought it was appropriate to do this. Maybe she was too belligerent and the staff just wanted her to leave. Maybe the Costco return policy is just incredibly lax. Either way, this dead Christmas tree return took a lot of guts.

Another Costco shopper named Scott Bentley saw the whole Christmas tree return go down, and he was less than impressed with the woman. He posted the story on his facebook (the post has since been taken down).

Bentley couldn’t seem to decide if he was annoyed with the woman or if he pitied her. Either way, he was not pleased with the idea of a returned Christmas tree.

Bentley was more shocked when he realized that Costco was actually going to give this woman a refund for her Christmas tree. He was an ‘all caps’ level of angry.

The entire ordeal was probably more upsetting to Bentley than it was to the Costco staff. They were probably just laughing at the ridiculous situation later.

People reacted to the photo in a number of ways. Some commenters related their own personal stories about customers wanting refunds for returned Christmas trees (or not returned in some cases).

The story goes even further than a returned Christmas tree. Apparently, Costco does have a very lax return policy, accepting almost anything that people bring back.

Some commenters rationalized the idea behind this kind of return policy. For a company that makes enough money, it’s possibly more worth it to keep these customers coming back.

As some people shared, a returned Christmas tree has nothing on some of the other returns made to Costco. These kinds of customers are basically legendary.

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