24 Photos Of People On The Happiest Days Of Their Lives

Being happy throughout our day is what life’s all about. We tend to get caught up in our busy lives and for some of us, that means being stressed and worried. Whether it’s with work, family or friends…it’s human nature to get worried about things we face on a regular basis.

But happiness is a pretty elusive thing. But when it happens, we want to savor it as long as possible. Sometimes we get pretty lucky and get these moments photographed so we have it for the rest of our lives. With so many negatives going on in this world, having photos to look at that capture true happiness is what all of us need.

Think about, you are having a pretty lousy day and you come across a picture that you can’t help but smile at. Here are 24  examples of the simple things in life that make us happy.

1. Check out this first picture. This cat is in pure heaven right now. Not only is he surrounded by his favorite food but he’s also cuddling with it, eyes closed and is probably in pure paradise. Anyone would look like that if they were surrounded by their all-time favorite food. Let’s be real here.

2. This person is just thankful to be able to stand. They wrote, “2 months after a compound fracture of both ankles, surgeries, and a recovery period, standing on both feet is incredible happiness!” (pryasha). Forget about wanting the finer things in life, this woman has one of the best things anyone can ask for: the ability to stand up and walk. We shouldn’t take anything for granted.

3. When things get messy, don’t focus on the negative side. This photo is proof that in any bad or messy situation, you can always find the positive. Okay, these guys are probably doing a mud run or something, but this guy definitely had a happy moment throughout all the messiness. I mean his face says it all!

4. Tornados hit towns pretty hard. It can turn someone’s life around in a complete 180. A lot of people lose their homes, loved ones, and even their pets. But with a positive mindset, things can honestly start looking up. This lady, for example, found her kitty alive 16 days after a tornado. Her face in this photo will just make you smile ear to ear.

5. There are those who have a terrible accident that changes the way they look. That is a huge moment that changes a person’s life completely. But sometimes, miracles happen. With a strong attitude and positive energy, things turn around. This girl is so happy in this photo because she finally had her skin completely healed. Such a powerful moment.

6. “Having left the hospital after treatment, I realized all my friends came to meet me. One of the best days of my life” (imgur.com). The second closest thing you have in life to your family are your friends. So you can only imagine how this person was feeling after coming out of the hospital. This photo truly represents a happy moment. I would get emotional…100%


7. Introducing a newborn to its sibling can be pretty nerve-racking for a lot of parents. I know you shouldn’t compare kids with animals but c’mon…there are a ton of similarities! Take for example this happy day. This person wrote, “I was worried about my dog’s reaction to a kitten at home. Yet look at how happy he is!” (tonyaashley88).

8. Being apart from someone you love is one of the hardest things anyone has to experience. You find yourself counting down the days till the two of you reunite again. It’s a long, hard process but when you meet again…it’s the best feeling. Look at this couple who were reunited after the husband returned from his last Iraq tour. Happiness probably doesn’t even begin to describe it. This photo will make you shed a tear…or two.

9. There are those who need expensive things in their life to make them happy. Then there are those who are happy with just buying a kit-kat bar. This cat is an example of finding happiness in the small things in life….when money isn’t a factor. These type of days matter. He looks like he won a million dollars with that toilet paper roll. Good for you kitty…good for you.

10. The day you give birth to a child is the most life-changing day. Think about it, you brought a human being into this world. It’s the most beautiful thing. This woman took a photo of her babies, writing “my twins were born today” (cityteacher).  I mean, look at those adorable little babies, who wouldn’t have a smile on their face!

11. Aww, what a happy couple! Getting engaged is a huge milestone in any and every relationship. You can just tell by this photo that this couple is head-over-heels for each other. Just like all the other photos, this picture will make you crack a smile. It was such a special day.

12. “We can finally adopt these kids!” (pensoneau). Adopting a child is a long and tedious process. It could take up to a year or so to actually be able to have full custody of the kids. But the process becomes totally worth it when you finally get those kids into your arms. Look at this photo. You can’t see the father-to-be’s face but you can definitely tell this was a life-changinghappy day for him and his soon to be family!

13. Sitting on a plane can be a pretty uncomfortable experience for a lot of us. I mean, it’s a pretty tight space. But imagine being super tall and not being able to stretch your legs! That’s just brutal. This guy had a happy day. He wrote, “I’m 190 cm tall, and today I’ve finally got an airplane seat where I can stretch my legs. Be happy for me!” (randvell).


14. This guy just reunited with his dad after being apart for quite some time. You can just feel the emotions simply staring at this photo. The soldier looks like he is extremely emotional, while the dad looks like he is not only happy to see his son but relieved knowing that he is safe and home. This moment can honestly bring tears to your eyes.

15. “Mom’s getting married after 16 years of loneliness” (tastydolphinesbabes69). When you are raised by a single parent, sometimes you hope for them to find love again. This woman has been single for 16 years and has finally found her true love. Her daughter could not be happier and you can tell by this photo. This picture is absolutely adorable!

16. Working hard towards something can be one of the hardest processes ever. Those countless disappointments, those countless sleepless nights, those countless tears…all you hope for is that they pay off. When they do, it truly is the happiest moment. This person wrote, “I’m 20, and I’ve finally fulfilled my dream of entering a music school” (meine).

17. “We came to choose a puppy for my sister. Just look at how pure happiness looks” (JarrodAllonge). This guy is on cloud 9 with an army of dogs surrounding him. But these dogs also look pretty happy to be cuddling up to this guy. I mean, who wouldn’t have a good day after experiencing something like this…

18. “‘I promise to love you in sickness and in health. Especially in sickness since you gave me the flu a week before our wedding, and now I sound like a 90-year-old man.’ Here’s why my husband is laughing so hard!” (wholebunchofbees). A wedding day should be one of the happiest days of your life. This photo captures that. What a cute moment, it feels like you are there with them…good thing we know why the groom is laughing so hard!

19. As you get older, you start losing contact with people that you grew up with or worked with many years ago. But when you happen to reunite, it is perhaps one of the happiest moments. Just look at these two guys. I’m guessing they had a pretty amazing day, seeing each other for the first time after many, many years. Absolutely adorable!

waxsway reddit.com

20. When you live in a place where you don’t have access to the sea, things can get a little difficult. I mean, if you love the beach and the sea but you live somewhere cold, things can get pretty…depressing. This person was reunited with the sea and couldn’t be happier. They wrote, “Here’s what it looks like when you come to the sea for the first time in a long six years” (naoemi).

21. Life can get pretty hectic when you are a teen…or young adult. You have college to think about, career to think about, boyfriend/girlfriends to think about…etc. Sometimes, you lose that special bond you have with your parents. So when you make some time for them, it’s the best feeling ever. “Mom and I had a painting master class. We’ve had a great time. I haven’t been that happy for so long” (dm_me_your_tie_dies).

22. Another example that will inspire you to follow your dreams and passions. This guy achieved something he’s been working for quite some time…but totally worth the wait. Even though he isn’t smiling ear-to-ear, he definitely looks happier than ever. He captioned this photo “After working as a taxi driver, skydiving instructor, and flight instructor, I’ve finally reached my dream and become an Airbus A320 pilot” (oilpressure).

23. “This guy has just seen snow for the first time in his life” (vaperaham). Some people dream of seeing the sea, others dream of seeing snow. This guy is clearly the happiest guy out there when he sees his first snowfall. The look on his face you can’t help but crack a little smile.

24. “Being 92 years old, Grandma was the most beautiful bridesmaid in the world. It’s the happiest day of my life” (achelamandamay). You always hope to see every family member to be there for you on your special day. So when your grandmother is 92, it’s the happiest moment when they can be part of your wedding. She really does make a beautiful bridesmaid! What a special, special photo.

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