20 Most Bizarre Bathrooms In The World

You can tell a lot about a restaurant or bar by the bathroom it keeps. The facilities are a big part of every review, and can discreetly let you know if you shouldn’t be wearing those cargo shorts or a Hawaiian shirt to that exclusive steakhouse (or anywhere, for that matter). There are many distinct levels of the public bathroom from door-less punk rock waste-houses to fancy restrooms with cologne bins and attendants.

Even though most bathrooms fall somewhere on this scale, there are some that are so outside the box that they can’t be categorized. For some reason, these designers have gone a little too far when trying to make their experience unique. It’s not the service, meal, or dining experience patrons will remember at these establishments. It’s the facilities.

Here are some of the weirdest and bizarre bathrooms from around the world:

1. It’s no wonder that men are obsessed with size when bathrooms like this exist. We’re not sure what the appeal of this “Spy Urinal” in Berlin is, but more importantly, does Shannen Doherty know she’s on this wall?

2. If public bathroom stalls are still a little too public for you, these egg pod toilets found in the London eatery Sketch should give you the privacy you desire. Let’s just hope there’s some good ventilation in these pods.

3. Open wide! This is one of the more common examples, found all over the world. Amsterdam is famous for having these lip urinals in different colors.

4. Also in Amsterdam are these public urination stations. These are all over the city, with occupancy of up to four people at a time. It’s a great idea for a place that isn’t exactly known for its sobriety.

5. Nothing wakes you up quite like the chill of a toilet seat in the morning, but this ice lavatory takes things to a whole other level. You might want to keep a couple of inches between you and the seat here or else you could end up getting stuck.

6. Now here’s a bathroom that gives you the sensation of urinating in a mall hallway, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. Why someone decided to place mannequins behind a glass wall of urinals? No one can know for sure, but they don’t look too happy about it either.

7. How about playing video games while you sit? These ones don’t even need walls, because no one can take their eyes off the game long enough to glance at each other.

8. This wall changes color with heat, letting you draw with your stream. It also means that there is still heat coming off the bottom trough. Gross.

9. This man sits in a one-way mirror bathroom, letting you look out while you do your business. It would still be weird I think, as people walk around you unaware of the horrors taking place inside.

10. Those are live fish in the tank of the toilet, though they never come in contact with any waste or sewage. It’s just a handy place to keep your underwater pets.

11. Or instead of having the tank in the toilet, you could have the toilet in the tank! This aquarium bathroom is built right into the side of the live fish tank.

12. If you’re afraid of heights, don’t use this floating toilet. The chasm extends into darkness below you. One crack in the glass floor and you’ll be lost forever.

13. If you have some spare money, you can get a big disco ball in your bathroom. The diamond covered toilet has been a joke for years, but several of them have actually been constructed.

14. Brass section rejoice! These Wagner tubas are real, and they would work if they hadn’t been turned into urinals. Hopefully the spit valve is closed.

15. Peeing into your favorite cartoon character’s open mouth. There isn’t really much else to say about that, other than it’s extremely weird.

16. This setup would fit right in at the Foreigner Street theme park in Chongqing, China. There are hundreds of urinals in what CNN called the “largest public bathroom in the world.”

17. No, this isn’t perched at the top of a mountain, but it’s made to seem that way. If you love the slopes, why not slip your feet into some authentic skis while sitting on the toilet.

18. Technically this isn’t a bathroom, but it does call itself a Modern Toilet. This Taiwanese restaurant serves every meal in miniature toilets. Customers also sit on a throne of their own while they eat. Maybe the actual bathroom looks like a kitchen?

19. What about an outhouse with a jet engine attached to it? Apparently this racing-toilet still actually works just as well as any portable toilet, just be careful with the jet fuel.

20. For the music nut that can’t stop playing guitar even for a few minutes, there is the guitar urinal. Hit the right places with your stream and you can provide the other guests with some soothing chords.

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