24 Pictures Way Too Trashy To Be Classy

There are some people who pride themselves on enjoying the finer things in life, and with that, often subscribe to a classier lifestyle where tastefulness is the standard.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, there are those who shamelessly violate social conventions and cultural norms without a care in the world who judges them. This isn’t to say one way of living is better than the other, but the latter can certainly have more entertaining results.

While everyone has their own opinions on what constitutes trashy, chances are, we can all agree that the following pictures can’t be labeled as anything but. From hilariously unprincipled behavior to outfits as brazen as they come, this lists celebrates those who truly don’t care about what you think. Here are 24  unapologetic pictures that embrace trashiness to a whole new level.

1. Paying the bills isn’t always easy, but rent is one expense that you really want to make sure gets done in a timely fashion. While most people would resort to picking up some odd jobs to make do, this woman shamelessly shared her financial problems on Facebook in hopes of a helping hand. However, it’s clear that her struggle was falsely advertised as just three days later she was able to afford a new tattoo.

2. There are many location benefits that realtors love to emphasize to attract potential buyers but rarely do they highlight the walkability to Walmart and McDonald’s. You don’t have to see anything other than this sign to know exactly what kind of community this humble abode is encompassed by.

3. If you thought stealing disposable creamers from coffee shops was in poor taste, this stoops to a whole new low. It’s pretty uncouth to open containers of milk in a store just to steal a bit for your coffee, but the fact that this is enough of a problem that the establishment had to make a sign is truly discouraging.

4. You have to be pretty desperate to set up a fake Tinder profile solely to try and score some drugs. Whoever this guy’s cousin is, she can’t be too thrilled that she’s being used as drug bait, and she’d probably be even less thrilled to know the potential suitors her cousin is willing to set her up with.

5. Eating shellfish on public transportation is already enough to warrant some judgmental glares, but discarding the remains carelessly on the floor around you? That’s a level of indecency that deserves disapproving scowls from the entire subway. You have to wonder what the house of who lives this callously looks like.

6. Everyone has at least a few people on their Facebook friend list who don’t know the line between sharing and oversharing. A pet hamster’s death has no real need to be on social media, to begin with, but having your kids pose behind their dead pet hamster crying is one really crass way to try and get likes.

Reddit /u/ Chocothunder9000

7. The person who took this charming photo explained, “Woman at Dulles security line, unable to carry her plastic handle of Smirnoff vodka through security, is currently drinking it in line and offering swigs to other passengers. It’s 7:30 am and TSA is not amused.” Sounds like one wild flight ahead.

Reddit /u/ Kayano905

8. You think you’ve dealt with a messy roommate? Just be thankful you didn’t come home to this. “My trashy roommate spent the night shaving his calluses and kindly left this heap for me to find on the coffee table,” shared this repulsed Reddit user. “That’s not cocaine, it’s foot dust.”

9. It may not be the most becoming outfit choice, but at least this woman knows how to re-purpose her clothing. In case you haven’t quite caught on, this woman is wearing underwear as a sports bra, which although quite crafty, is pretty obvious considering the cut job and upside down Hanes branding.

10. If you have to “trap” your man into thinking you’re pregnant to secure his faithfulness, you probably shouldn’t be so worried about your relationship as you should be about your own sanity. It’s hard to say what’s worse: selling or buying a pregnant woman’s urine. At least the former is making a profit.

11. Someone should probably inform this girl that that is not how bodysuits are generally worn. However, maybe she was inspired by a baby rocking a onesie over a diaper and decided to imitate that look in adult-form. Or maybe she lost her belt and had to improvise for the remainder of the night.

12. Usually when someone asks for an ombré dye job from their hairdresser, they are looking for a gradual color transition from the roots to the ends of the hair. It’s safe to say by this woman’s blank expression that she did not end up getting what she hoped for.

13. You would hope that if you were forced by law to wear an ankle bracelet that you’d feel at least a bit of shame. However, that is clearly not the case for this dad. Instead of learning from his mistakes, this father decided to get his infant son a matching ankle bracelet.

14. It’s become trendy for celebrity couples to name their offspring something that strays from convention, but this non-famous DJ couple announced their pregnancy with one of the most cringe-worthy names one could think of. What’s even worse is that Baesline has an Instagram already and she hasn’t even been born yet.

15. You have to wonder what kind of area you’re living in if your dentist office has to put up a sign like this. One wouldn’t imagine those who dabble in these hard drugs would be too keen about maintaining dental care, but apparently, those aren’t the only life-threatening activities they are involved in.

16. For most couples, a wedding ring will suffice in letting the world know they are taken, but this duo opted for something that a little different. Did they tattoo each other freehand or did they specifically ask the tattoo artist to write these in a font called “Beginner’s Cursive”?

17. When the weather is in between hot and mild, it can be difficult to decide whether you should wear pants or shorts. However, this woman figured, why not just wear both? You have to wonder what inspired her decision to cut out one leg completely, but you’ve gotta respect her unapologetic originality.

18. Wherever this cyclist got their slice of pizza, there must have been some sort of to-go bag that would have made this transportation a lot easier. If this is how you have to secure your slice, you might as well just eat it at the shop. This person doesn’t look like they have a future as an Uber Eats deliverer.

19. You think that you’d at least do a once-over before getting something tattooed permanently on your body, but considering all of the ink fails out there, apparently, that’s just not the case. Maybe this tattoo artist is the one who screwed up and figured that at least he wouldn’t be able to see it.

20. There are some things that are worth buying used if you can, but there are other things that should never be passed on to anyone else. False eyelashes are one of those things. Somehow, this woman did not see anything wrong with re-selling her “barley” used lashes, and was even willing to drop the price a whole dollar.

Reddit /u/ JaelynnPinklady

21. Becoming a vegan certainly takes commitment, however, this woman may have gone just a wee bit overboard. There are many ways to let people know you’ve decided to partake in a specific lifestyle without having to have it tattooed boldly across your stomach, but hey, to each their own.

22. This woman should really take into consideration that it’s probably not the paw prints inked on her chest that are making her “undateable.” The more likely scenario that’s deterring potential suitors is the fact that she’s someone who thought getting paw prints tattooed on her chest was a good idea at any point in her life.

23. Most promposals are enough to make anyone who realizes just how meaningless the over-hyped night is cringe, but this one is truly worth sighing over. Let’s just hope that whoever took this picture was not either one of the girl’s parents. They can’t be too proud to know that all it takes to get with their daughter is a can of Mountain Dew.

24. “My company’s Facebook page received this message,” shared Reddit user charlie_darkness. “No one here knows these people.” Apparently, this woman doesn’t need a threat to her relationship, she’s going to actively intimidate anyone she can to let them know that Danny is hers and the world better back off accordingly.

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