Woman’s Hilarious ‘Hack’ For Getting Rid Of House Guests She Hates Is Going Viral

The worst position you can be in is having people at your house, and having no way of getting rid of them. I mean, it puts you in a pretty awkward situation. You don’t want to be mean and making people feel uncomfortable, but you also just want to make them go away.

Regardless of the reason why you want to get rid of someone, we’ve all experienced it at some point and it’s really tricky to figure out what to do. I mean, do you simply ask them to leave? Or do you give out “subtle” hints? 

Well, don’t worry, there’s an evil but genius plan that you can use. One Twitter user named Angela Brisk used a harmless, yet genius tactic when dealing with unwanted guests. She went on her account and uploaded a picture of pouring something pretty gross.

She poured hot dog water into an ice cube tray and captioned the photo, “I turn hotdog water into ice cubes for guests that I don’t like”. I mean, if that isn’t savage, I don’t know what is!

Now, she doesn’t hate all guests. She’s not that evil. But just like most humans, she doesn’t exactly enjoy all of them either. For those that she doesn’t, she thought of this brilliant idea to dodge the boring, painful, or even rude at-home interactions.

It’s pretty genius, which is why it’s gone viral. People thought this was a pretty evil thing to do, but some actually thought it was smart on Angela’s part.

One Twitter user responded to this idea, writing “Why invite them in your home?”. I mean, she does have a point. Why bring people over, if you don’t want them there in the first place. But, everyone has their own reasons, right?

Honestly, most Twitter users seem pretty concerned about this girl’s house guests. Nice to know people have pity! One person responded with a cartoon photo of a guilty-looking dog cartoon. That’s probably how most of us would’ve felt.

@ThezzyMo also posted a photo of a meme of Tom from “Tom and Jerry” calling the police on this woman. Someone really should consider calling this lady out for serving gross ice cubes. Hopefully, no one got sick!

Another person also posted a pretty hilarious video of Raven from “That’s So Raven” saying her famous line. Anytime someone did something shady or rude, Raven would scream out “you little nasty”. So yes, this was the perfect opportunity.

So there you go. The next time you go to someone’s house for a nice, pleasant evening, just know, they may or may not even want you there. Oh, and if they serve you some Pepsi and offer you ice with that? Just be careful. You have been warned.

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