Soft Nude Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you look around and take a close look, you can almost see the warmer months approaching in the horizon. This means that it’s time to start thinking about putting away the dramatic eyeshadow shades you got used to wearing during the winter and start thinking in pastels, pinks and yellows.

Take the nude smoky eye: it’s easy to do, flattering and it works on any skin tone. You also don’t have to worry about the dreaded smudges that come with darker shades and if you’re worried about how it will hold throughout a long day, a nude smoky eye will fade smoothly and almost become unnoticeable on your skin.


Luckily for you, there’s a YouTube tutorial available that can show you exactly how to get that soft nude smoky eye. Model and holistic nutritionist Valeria Lipovetsky made tutorial video where she shows you how to be “all about that natural looking look” Using a simple array of products and shades of eye shadow, she creates a lightweight look that is perfect for office parties, family gatherings and “anywhere where you want to feel glowy, natural and subtly sexy (Hint: date nights)”.

Valeria, who can be found on instagram (@valerialipovetsky) and Facebook (@valerialipovetskyblog) shows us that this method is surprisingly simple. Like in many of her other simple Youtube tutorials, which can be found on her channel titled Valeria Lipovetsky, she proves that achieving that effortless and glowy spring look doesn’t take a lot of tools and heavy products.

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After applying her face makeup, Valeria uses Charlotte Tilbury’s Sophisticate Palette, a small eyeshadow brush, and a lot of blending. She starts by applying the lightest shade, the one at the top right, and moves her way down each color, blending into her brow and crease as she goes. The most important part about applying the eyeshadow is to “blend, blend, blend” according to Valeria’s video. 

Another important step in the process of eye makeup is to define your eyebrows, which Valeria does by using an Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in taupe. She also shows you how to pop your eye shadow, which is basically when you use the darkest shade of the palette as eyeliner along the top part of your eye.

According to the video description, she ditches the “crazy defined eyebrows, no strong contour and no false lashes.” She hopes to “bring the trend of embracing our genetics and making it work. Enhance what your mama gave you!” Valeria is a knowledgeable self-taught makeup and beauty guru, and if you want to see more easy-to-follow, simple tutorials you should definitely be following her on YouTube as you prepare for the warmer months.

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