How To Build Your Own Backyard Bowling Alley

It seems like something out of a Richie Rich cartoon, or like something only a few privileged people could enjoy, but one man who uploaded images to the popular image sharing website Imgur nicknamed “MakGyver87” showed us how we can all possibly have our own DIY backyard bowling alley all to ourselves!

According to MakGyver87, who said in own words on his Imgur account, “Our local bowling alley closed down. So I decided to build my own.  From Concept, to Sketch, to Construction, to Redgreen-ing/Macgyver-ing, here’s the final product for now.” You have to admire his courage and how sure he is that the concept could work.

Admittedly, I have to think about how I’ve always wanted my own bowling alley in my backyard or in my house somewhere. The cost must be enormous, but somehow, MakGyver87 thought of a way to keep the cost to a minimum. Using a series of strings, pulley systems, as well as locally purchased lumber, MakGyver87 has created something truly special. His Imgur post has gained over 200,000+ views and it keeps growing each day! Check out the pictures here!

Here you can see the final result of MakGyver87’s hard work and efforts, but how exactly did he manage to get it accomplished? Let’s take a look at his process!

MakGyver87 set out to design what would become his very own backyard bowling lane. As he puts it in his Imgur account, “Here’s The beginning work of “in theory” pulley pin reset system.”

MakGyver87 also pulled his drawings into the professional design program AutoCAD, which helps architects and designers conceptualize sketches to a more professional digital setting for accuracy. MakGyver87 states that, “Many sketches later leading to a CAD drawing. Construction is set to go!”

You can see how once the pins are knocked over, the string pulley system pulls them back up into their place in the holes, and lowering them slowly will realign them and place them back into their original placement.

DIY Backyard Bowling AlleyImgur | @MakGyver87

Using locally purchased lumber from Lowes, MakGyver87 managed to give the general shape of his bowling alley alongside his fence.

MakGyver87 describes the process of this construction by saying, “Leveled off, Boards ran, Skirting put on and Many and I stress MANY string lengths, knots, and Pulley position attempts later; a functioning Bowling Alley!”

Another shot of the bowling pins with their strings being constructed. Looks like this backyard bowling alley is finally starting to come alive!

The complete bowling system has a long string at the front of the lane to allow the bowler to reset the pins without having to walk to the edge of the lane to do it every time. The balls naturally return after falling into the gutter system and return to their start position using gravity.

DIY Backyard Bowling AlleyImgur | @MakGyver87

The alley truly looks like it would be a lot of fun to use! I imagine all of the neighborhood kids wanting to come over to play on this bowling alley now that the only bowling alley in town has closed.

Another close up of the pin/pulley system shows that a simple idea really can go a long way!

MakGyver87 has even rigged this backyard bowling alley to light up at night, to give it that “rockin’ bowling” effect that many alleys have when the sun goes down.

In his own words, MakGyver87 stated that, “Can’t have a bowling alley without nighttime Glow Bowl!” I couldn’t agree more! Would you just check out how awesome this nighttime bowling set up is? This is truly a party palace!

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