Trump Requests Name Change Due ‘To Shameful Embarassment’

Everyone in the world must know the name Trump by now, but after the 2016 Presidential Election of President Donald Trump, the Trump surname doesn’t quite have the same impact it once had. A 32-year-old filmmaker and actor named Daniel Thomas Trump living in LA isn’t a big fan of his last name.

Trump Requests Name Change Due 'To Shameful Embarassment'TMZ

In a document obtained by the gossip website TMZ, Daniel Thomas Trump made statements like, “The name ‘Trump’ is a shameful embarrassment” and “It’s the name of a president who is the living representation of everything I stand against.” For the past 8 years or so, Daniel has been going by the name of Daniel Van Thomas, a decision he wants to make official with a name change. Daniel isn’t the only person with a desire to change his name. Our Bestie team reached out to people on Facebook and spoke with several people who shared the same surname and asked about how they felt about it.

21-year-old Jeremy Trump living near Chicago told us, “Well I get a lot of [EXPLETIVE] for it. All the jobs I [have] been at as a temp employee. They all make some remark.” Jeremy added to this statement, saying: “There are a few times where I call to order pizza and I would get my orders messed up or pizza that is 1/2 cooked and it’s just a pain. I have no relation to the president, just the same last name and I almost get harassed daily .”

We asked if Jeremy considered changing his name: “Yes, I have considered changing my last name a lot actually. Just the cost of changing it has me at a standstill.” Another person we spoke with, Ronald, age 34, also from Chicago, told us that he gets “A lot of backlashes and comments that I’m racist when they don’t even know me.”

In research done by Vox, according to a White Pages survey, there are approximately 4788 people with the last name Trump currently living in the U.S. According to Vox, a woman by the name of Kris-Stella Trump studied the adverse effects of economic inequality after winning a scholarship to study in America. She was originally born in Estonia, but then relocated to England. In 2008 Kris-Stella Trump obtained her Ph.D. from Harvard. Kris-Stella spoke out about her Trump surname to Vox, saying, “I got a lot of comments about how weird it was to be a Trump studying the adverse effects of economic inequality.” Kris-Stella went on to say that “In pre-Trump candidacy times, I’d say, ‘I wish I were related because then I’d be rich.” According to Kris-Stella, the joke about her surname actually got her a free upgrade on a flight once!

When asked if he had any advice to people who share the same last name, Jeremy Trump of Chicago said this: “The only thing I can suggest to people out there, is that if you have no relation, don’t take people criticizing you to heart.” Jeremy added: “That’s their opinion and people are allowed to speak their mind. The only opinion that should matter is your own opinion of yourself.”

Trump Requests Name Change Due 'To Shameful Embarassment'Pinterest

Ronald Trump, also from Chicago, gave this advice, “show people that you’re different from what others think the name stands for. Be a people person and just treat people how you would like them to treat you. Let’s love each other and stop producing hate.”

What is a name anyway? In 2016 after the Presidential Election, three apartment buildings petitioned to have the name “TRUMP” removed from their residences. According to the Daily News, residents of the apartments on Riverside Drive were petitioning to have the name removed even before the results of the election. The property management company that owned the properties opted to agree with the resident’s petition and removed Trump’s name from all three of their buildings to replace them with regular addresses.

With around three more years left to President Donald Trump’s presidency in the White House, only time will tell how the last name “Trump” will be remembered in history. Hopefully, in Jeremy Trump’s case, it won’t result in more burnt pizzas.

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