This French Designer Creates Dresses Like No One Else

Let’s face it, most girls love a good dress. Whether it’s a jersey dress for tomboys or a nice floral dress for the girly-girls out there. Every girl has some sort of dress in their closet, even if their mothers made them keep a certain dress from a family function.

From time to time, there comes a designer who shocks the public with their ideas of dresses. I mean, we watch the red carpet of various award shows just to see what style our favorite celebrities have picked.

One designer who’s really making her mark is French creator Sylvie Facon (@sylviefaconcreatricefrance on Instagram). Her dresses surprised many because she sews them with gorgeous fabrics. But it goes beyond that, she also pays attention to detail. These dresses would take over any catwalk. Check them out.

Check out this beyond gorgeous dress. According to the designer, her dresses are made from old texts. It highlights the incredible versatility of Facon’s skills. With this dress, she captioned it on Instagram with this: “…250 hours of work, 40 meters of breadth in the bottom of this dress exposed in the window of our beautiful bookstore…”

Okay, here’s another shot of the same dress. The details aren’t as noticeable in one photo. It’s clear that this dress is made out of old books that give it a further antique detail. This dress shows that fashion truly is a form of art.

The details on this particular dress seem unreal. Facon captions this particular dress on Instagram with: “Dress tribute to Arras, detail of the bust: the Angels of Saudemont, St Vaast and the bear…”

Honestly, Cinderella would be jealous of these dresses. This is the same as the previous one but in a different shoot. The designer captured this photo: “For all lovers of Arras, Our Hauts de France diamond shines with its richness, dress sculpture, painting and incrustations…”.

Beyond the fact that this dress is a gorgeous design, the baby pink colour just adds to its uniqueness. Pretty sure anyone would feel like a princess wearing a dress like that. The crown isn’t necessary but when you are already wearing something like that, why not?

I don’t know about others, but I personally wouldn’t wear a dress with a violin on it. However, if it’s a dress that looks like this, count me in. Facon did an incredible job, handcrafting a violin on this beautiful, classy dress. She captioned the photo, “Symphonie textile…Silk organza written with scores…”

Again, here’s a full shot of it. The top is the form of a violin and the body of the dress are music notes. The details of these dresses are absolutely incredible. I wonder how long it took Facon to put this one together. I’d also be too scared to wear them.

Facon also has a huge talent for creating mini-dresses. Check out this one. It sort of reminds me of Tinkerbell’s dress, but with more detail. Facon captioned this photo “My little floral dress to finish the summer…” This would be a great dress for Halloween or even for cosplayers. It’s beautiful!

Instagram @sylviefaconcreaticefrance

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