The Way This Girl Treated The Waitress Got Her Dumped By Her Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day

Anyone who currently works or has ever worked in the service industry knows that it is not an easy way to make a living. Not only are you on your feet for many hours, but you will also likely deal with some pretty unpleasant people. One waitress shares her story on Reddit:

She writes, “Last night I was taking care of a party of 16 and a few other tables of just couples. The party of 16 was needy, but they were aware of it and remained friendly… except ‘Angie’.” The first incident occurred when the waitress didn’t take Angie’s order first. When she finally got to her, Angie said, “JFC, about time. People are thirsty.”

The waitress continued walking around the table taking drink orders when Angie exclaims, “excuse me where’s [expletive] drink?” even before the waitress left the table. Her boyfriend “Luis” apologized for her behavior and the waitress carried on with her job.

The next incident was when Angie ate her friend Rebecca’s appetizer which was dropped off by the food runner. The excuse that Angie made when asked about why she ate the appetizer was “How am I supposed to know what I ordered?” This is the convo that took place:

Luis: “Babe, you didn’t even order an appetizer.”

Angie (look right at the waitress): “Well this dumb [expletive] shouldn’t have put it in front of me if it wasn’t mine.”

Once again, Luis apologized on his girlfriend’s behalf.

This issues continued to happen throughout the time that Angie is in the restaurant. When the waitress brings the checks, Luis tells her to put them next to him and that he’ll pass them out. At this time, the waitress was over to another table she was serving and began having a friendly conversation with a couple who were out on their first date.

As they were in the middle of the conversations, Angie storms up to the table and begins yelling at the waitress, “You’re so [expletive] lazy that you can’t even hand our checks to us. You just throw them on the [expletive] table. How are we supposed to know what we ordered??? You need to get your [expletive] back to our table and quit talking to your friends and do you [expletive] job!!!”

The waitress calls her manager to deal with her and sees Angie waving her arms in the air and continued screaming while her manager maintains her smile. When she returns to the table to pick up the checks, she realizes that the tips on all of them have been scratched out. The waitress asks Rebecca about this which sets her off as well.

Luis walks to the waitress with his brother and hands her a 40 dollar tip and, once again, apologizes for Angie and the rest of the party’s rude behavior. But the best part of the story isn’t the tip that the waitress received.

After Luis hands the waitress the money, he walks downstairs to meet Angie. He said something to her, which wasn’t clear until Angie began shouting at him “YOU’RE GONNA DUMP ME FOR SOME STUPID WAITRESS??? [Expletive] HER! [Expletive] YOU!! YOU’RE A DUMB [expletive] TOO!”

This happened on Valentine’s day. The world is not so terrible a place after all.

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