Whoopi Goldberg On Why ‘Happy Holidays’ Is Better Than ‘Merry Christmas’

Whoopi Goldberg has introduced a line of Christmas sweaters for the second year in a row.

Her new sweaters feature a variety of designs, which include a diverse family decorating a Christmas tree, a sweater that says “Happy Holidays” with a group of people joining hands around the world, an octopus in the shape of a menorah, and two Mrs. Clauses kissing. Of the variety of sweaters available, none of them say “Merry Christmas” on them, which was a deliberate move by  Goldberg.

In an interview with Huffington Post she said, ″‘Happy holidays’ allows everybody to be included. When you’re walking past somebody, you don’t know what their religious beliefs are or whether they have them. If they have religious beliefs and you can’t tell what they are, say ‘Happy holidays.’”

She went on, “This idea that we can only say one thing is ridiculous. It’s ridiculous and clearly, this is some political ploy to make people feel better in some way.”

She stood beside her decision to use the phrase. “But the truth of the matter is this is America where we celebrate all of our holidays ― whenever they are ― and we don’t necessarily say ‘happy this’ or ‘happy that,’ we say ‘happy holidays.’ That’s what you say,” she added.

Regardless of the message the sweaters hold and where Goldberg stands on the holiday, she told Huffington Post that she wanted her sweaters to bring fun to people’s lives. The sweater designs are cartoonish designs of baby Santas, octopi, and gingerbread men.

“We’ve got some fun and silly things that I think are great and I think people will have a good time with,” she said in her interview. “I hope that if people buy them they’re buying them with the knowledge that they’re meant to bring some laughs and some cheer.”  

The sweaters are available online at zappos.com and run for $89.00 a piece.

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