The Best Time To Poop On A Plane, According To A Flight Attendant

The Best Time To Poop On A Plane, According To A Flight Attendant

There are a lot of luxuries that come with flying somewhere, but the restroom is definitely not one of them. However, when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go and that means contorting yourself in the aircraft’s lavatory, which is often plagued by:

  • Foul odours,
  • Limited leeway,
  • Lack of privacy.

Having to turn on the sausage maker on an airplane is never really ideal, but according to flight attendants, there are times that are better than others to deal with the questionable airport food you shovelled into yourself while still grounded.

Flight attendants have certainly seen the worst of it when it comes to passengers having to relieve themselves, but at least it’s helped them determine the best time for those shy mid-air brownie-bakers to get working.

For a lot of people, taking the Browns to the Superbowl in public places isn’t easy and it certainly doesn’t help when the public place is 30,000 feet in the air.

With the claustrophobic confines of an airplane lavatory and the risk of stinking up the place, most will try to hold off making waves if they can.

Some flights are long or sometimes time is just not an option, but if you can hold off making a sacrifice to the toilet gods for just a little while, there are windows of comfort during a flight that can make it all a lot easier.

Maybe you haven’t fallen victim to poop panic mode: airplane edition, but that doesn’t mean you won’t and it’s better to be prepared than unprepared.

A former flight attendant, Erika Roth, shared some tips with Mel Magazine for nervous flyers who have to build a log cabin mid-flight, which she says is really all about timing.

According to Roth, one of the best times you can make a dash for the lavatory to update your captain’s log is immediately after the seat belt sign goes off.

If your wave of worry comes later in the flight, Roth says the best time to unload that stowaway is right before drink service begins. People often stay in their seats when they see the carts as they don’t want to miss their opportunity for some mid-flight snacks or drinks.

If the smell is a concern, Roth says to avoid spraying things like cologne and perfume and instead ask the flight attendant for some coffee ground packets. These packets, when hung in the lavatory prior to letting the toilet know who’s boss, will help mask the smell.

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