20+ Ways You May Have Been Doing Things Wrong All Along

If you’re anything like the rest of us, chances are that you enjoy a really good life hack when you see one. Cutting corners is like, a talent that everyone can appreciate, from lazy people to productive people!

Picture this, you’re sitting at work wondering how you’re going to get through the entire day. It’s time for your lunch but you forget a spoon for your yogurt. A million things go through your head as to how you can get around this enormous tragedy. You aren’t brave enough to try one of the dirty spoons in the staff room, so you put your thinking cap on to a potential way around the situation. Suddenly, it occurs to you that you can, in fact, use the foil lid as a makeshift spoon. You twirl and twist the foil so that it looks like a spoon shape and you marvel at your own ingenuity in the face of certain yogurt doom. That’s what this list is all about.

There are many different ways to cut corners, but the best ways save you time and effort. From lifehacks to product hacks, these 20+ ways of improving your life might just prove you’ve been doing things wrong for far too long!

1) Spaghetti: Never forgetti that spaghetti is the besti. Honestly, there are so many different things you can do with pasta beside eat it. One of our favorite ideas of how you can utilize pasta in a different way is to use it to light difficult-to-light candles with the wick way down in the bottom of the glass. This will save you from burning your fingers and allows for safer lighting in general if you don’t have a longer lighter. Believe it or not, dry pasta also makes for fantastic kindling if you’re ever in need of some when starting a bonfire!

2) Tic Tac Lids: Tic Tacs are one of the best breath mints around. Their delightful pill-like shape gives you the feeling of flavor convenience while the tiny box slips perfectly into almost any pocket. You don’t mind the jiggle sound it makes as you walk because Tic Tacs are amazing. Did you know that Tic Tac lids are also a perfect way to get those little suckers out of the container one at a time? It’s a great hack for anyone who doesn’t like sharing with friends, so you can avoid accidentally spilling out your entire container.

3) Pop Can Tabs: Pop can tabs have a bunch of different uses. The aluminum metal actually can be recycled for a lot of charitable causes, as the metal can be used for recycling purposes. When taking a sip of your favorite carbonated beverage, have you ever had the intense problem of your straw slipping out of the can because of carbonated gas? Well, not anymore! Simply twist the tab around, stick your straw in the opening and then push the tab till the straw is secure!

4) Extension Cord Hacks: Have you ever gone to a musical venue or a special occasion where someone has haphazardly strewn the electrical cords across the floor? Although floor tape used widely by musicians and filmmakers is an excellent idea, if you don’t have access to it at the moment, you can always take both ends of the cord and loop them so that the plugs don’t keep coming undone every time someone treads over it or pulls it too far!

5) Grocery Cart Loops: Those loops on grocery carts actually have another hidden use you wouldn’t have ever thought about. After packing up your groceries, use the loops to hang the lighter groceries like bread and chips above the heavier bags that rest on the bottom of the cart. That way everything stays neat and organized and you don’t have to worry about your bread getting mushed!


6) Eating Your Hamburger Wrong: Everybody has been eating their hamburgers the wrong way for decades and not a single person has taken the moment to address this terrible crime. How many times have you sunk your teeth into your hamburger only to have the contents spill out onto the plate or tray below? That’s because you aren’t holding the other end properly! Grab the burger using your index and thumb at the front, then, using your ring and pinky fingers, stabilize the end of the burger and hold the bun in place! It’s as simple as that!

7) Chill Drinks Faster: This is an incredible hack that’s been missing from your life. How many times have you gotten home and wanted something cold to drink, but everything was lukewarm because your terrible inconsiderate roommate forgot to put things in the fridge? Well, simply wrap a damp paper towel around your beverage and stick it in the freezer. After a few minutes, your drink should be ice cold! Just don’t forget to take it out of the freezer, otherwise, you’ll have an incredible mess to clean up!

8) Peel Bananas The Right Way: If you’re a banana lover, chances are you’ve been peeling them wrong your entire life! Well, not anymore! Monkeys in the wild are observed peeling bananas from the bottom of the fruit (not the stem). What’s the benefit of this you might wonder? Well, you actually get more of the fruit when you peel it that way, rather than the way most people do by snapping the stem. Plus, the stem acts as an added holder as you finish your fruit!

9) Maximize Your Ketchup Intake: Man oh man, this life hack has changed our lives. How many fast food restaurants have you been to, where you have to fill multiple ketchup containers to get enough of the stuff for your behemoth pile of French fries? Take these little packets, and pull on the sides releasing the perforations. You can actually make these little cups as flat as possible! The wider the cup, the more ketchup you can load into it! Yummy yum!

10) Cupcake Madness: Okay, okay. This one might seem crazy, but it’s actually incredibly ingenious. The next time you’re at a birthday party or a wedding and somebody offers you cupcakes, rather than try to stuff your face with the thing getting icing all over your mouth, simply rip the cupcake in half and stuff the bottom on top of the icing. This will allow you to have a nice little cupcake sandwich that will let you enjoy the entire thing without the hassle of a mess!

11) Reheating Food: You’ve been reheating food in your microwave wrong for your entire life. Yes, believe us. Food needs to be cooked evenly, and in your microwave, if you pile everything on your plate in a bit heap, the center of your food will not cook properly and will still be cold. Spreading out your pasta or food into a donut shape will allow every part to cook evenly, leaving you with a delicious reheated leftover meal!

12) Wooden Spoon Trick: This life hack is absolutely amazing. Whenever you’re making pasta at home, how inconvenient is it whenever you’re boiling your noodles and the foam from the starch spills out over the edges, messing up your stove top? Just put a wooden spoon over the edge and watch as it keeps those pesky foam bubbles at bay. Another great trick is to just not fill your pot with too much water.

13) Take Out Containers: Did you know that the takeout containers you receive from Chinese takeaway restaurants actually double as plates? Save on having to clean your own dishes next time by carefully opening up the box to create your own little serving plate! The more you know! Huzzah!


14) Rolling Your Clothes: Are you planning to go away on an extended trip somewhere fancy? Can’t fit enough clothes in your suitcase! Here is the solution you’ve been waiting for! Rolling your clothes actually helps maximize space inside your suitcase, and actually helps prevent them from wrinkling during travel!

15) Use The Dustpan: Any person who has worked a retail job can tell you the enormous pain that is trying to fill a mop bucket with water. This simple hack works by turning your dustpan into a makeshift canal to get the water to siphon into your bucket! What an amazing example of ingenuity in the face of retail hell.


16) Freshen Your Home: Those air fresheners used for car vents can be used within your house as well! Worried about foul odors in a particular room? Snap one of these bad boys on there. Your entire home will smell delightful within minutes. If you don’t have a central air system, placing this on any air conditioner or even a house fan would work too!


17) Pool Noodle Versatility: Believe it or not, the hilariously fun and never ending enjoyment pool noodles bring to any summer party have far more versatility than people realize. They can be used as bumpers for garages, or cut down and used as makeshift spring covers for an old trampoline like this! No more toe pinches! Yay!

18) Starbucks Stoppers: Those little green stoppers are a great way to keep your drink warm while you’re running errands but what about when you want to sit down and drink your coffee. Do you put it on a dirty table? No. Do you waste a napkin and rest it on that? No! Use the sleeve that comes with your cup! Sticking your little stopper inside the sleeve saves it for later and stops it from touching anything other than your own drink! Nice!

19) Office Clips: These little paper clips can be used for far more than just holding paper together. Take this photo for example. This person has life hacked them as cord holders for various ports. No longer will you be scrambling to find your cords hidden behind the desk or tangled in a mess in the corner.

20) Chip Clips: Chip clips can be used for far more than just keeping your chips fresh. For example, you can make the most out of your tube of toothpaste by attaching the clip to the part of the tube that is used up the most. Slide the clip downward toward the cap and you can save money by using up every last drop of the stuff! Never waste toothpaste again!

21) Staple Removers: Staple removers can be used for more than just removing staples. Have you ever struggled to remove keys from your keychain? It’s especially difficult if you don’t have any fingernails to get at them with. Using a staple remover will immediately spring open the keychain, allowing you to slide off your keys with ease!


22) Don’t Forget The Saucepan Handle: Another fantastic pasta hack is to utilize the pasta handle hoop as a holder for your wooden spoon. If you don’t have a spoon guard around or don’t want to waste a paper towel or something, this is a great way to keep your spoon from touching anything! It’s also a great way to avoid contamination!

23) Colander: Colanders are great for much more than just straining pasta. Have you ever got to the bottom of the cereal container, and there’s a good bunch of cereal but you can’t pour it into your bowl without filling your bowl with a huge amount of gross cereal dust? Well, just reach for your colander and sift through your cereal like you’re panning for gold! Your cereal will be protected!

24) Another use for Keychains: This is another really clever hack to avoid having having your jean zipper come undone. Everyone has had at least one pair of jeans they really liked, but had a zipper that just wouldn’t stay zipped. A keychain snapped onto your denim clasp will stop this from ever happening again!

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