12 Bizarre Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Sanity


You can’t trust the internet with your sanity. If you don’t pace yourself or learn that there’s nothing natural about shooting beams of endless information into your eyes, it can have a toll on your mental health.

For those of us born in the age of the internet, there’s no better time to be alive. But there’s a downside to that. It’s getting increasingly easier to fake information, particularly images, blurring the line between reality and fiction.

And then there are those images that are real, posted by users who lived it first-hand, insisting that they didn’t use Photoshop. How can we tell the difference? There’s no easy answer to that question.

The only solution we have for now is the power of skepticism. Here are 12 bizarre pictures (real and fake) that will make you question your sanity:

1. Is this a really good 3D rendering? Are these coins glued or is this the power of physics? Well, we can’t answer that. This will bother us forever too.


2. The nerve of this chocolate factory. Is this what they all do? The thought of eating recycled Easter chocolate in Christmas sends shivers down our collective spines. How horrible.

3. I want to believe that this is just a janitor with a really good sense of humor. Or a really good Photoshop. I’m not bothered by the idea of a grown man happily unclogging a toilet using this tool.

4. How can anyone be so bad at the one job they had for that day? Unless the person who installed this did it on purpose, I can’t see how you could screw up this badly.

4aunty acid

5. I can’t explain this picture, but what I do know is if you don’t feel uncomfortable looking at it from every angle, then you’re not normal. Is this an art project? A doll? I don’t want to know.

6. I don’t understand. If it’s real, why? If it’s not real and it originated in the mind of some bored internet user, why? I would crash my car if I was met with this giant head.

7. Take a look at this birdhouse inhabited by birds with a very specific taste. How will other birds know that someone who shares their preferences lives in the area? Don’t tell me you haven’t adorned your house or car with leather and metal to let the world know about your true self.

8. I’m angry and confused. Is that just dirty water? There can’t possibly be a tangible payout to putting this much effort into something. Except, maybe, internet fame.

9. Oh, it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I love those! No…wait…what are you doing? Who hurt you when you were a child? I am calling the police and sending a priest to your house to exorcise you.

10. It’s funny until you realize that the vacuum isn’t plugged into anything and he’s just doing it for the picture. But for a split second, I believed he had invented a revolutionary new way to remove snow. 

11. Your mind will do backflips trying to figure out if this is a Photoshop or just an incredible work of physics. I sincerely hope someone took the time to measure the exact amount of balloons it would take to lift a single slice of cheese pizza off the ground.

11aunty acid

12. Relatable: Those rainy summer days where all you want to do is be a squid in a parking lot and drink some green tea in a plastic bottle without some jerk bothering you to take your picture.

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