Prince William Does The Galloping Horse Dance And Kate Can’t Stop Laughing

As the world patiently awaits the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the other royal couple is happily creating viral videos. In a video that has garnered almost a million views, viewers can see the Duchess of Cambridge playfully giggling at her husband as he ‘gallops’ on the balcony.

The Duke and Duchess were at the Royal Variety Performance at the London Palladium with Laurie Mansfield, the life president and executive producers of the Royal Variety Charity and also Giles Cooper, the chairman and executive producer of the same organization, when the couple was recorded laughing.

In a series of shows hosted by Miranda Hart, Kate Middleton could be seen laughing at her husband when he stood up to ‘gallop.’ Fans around the world applauded the prince as he partook in a comedy sketch where he obliged a group of young performers when they asked if he would ‘gallop with us.’

After their performance, the performers, who were the cast of Annie, were asked by Miranda Hart to put in their own comedic request to the Prince. The girls gladly obliged by asking the Prince to gallop with them. The Duke and Duchess could be seen laughing until Prince William ultimately stands up and half-gallops, half-dances his way to a raucous applause.

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Earlier in the week, the host admitted that getting Prince William to participate in one of the performances was on her Royal Variety to-do list. She later stated that she hoped to see his galloping along with her dream of being knighted ‘with a lightsaber.’

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After the fantastic show, Miranda complimented Prince William for being such a great sport. She said: ‘it was a great celebration of mood-lifting work. I did apologize to him at the end and he said he’d practice his galloping. I thought he was wonderful in joining in. I forgot to get him to knight me with a lightsaber but maybe another time.’

The performers went on Twitter to show off their ‘dance’ with the Prince. The tweet from Rhythmix Dance Studio read: ‘we love a good pony gallop! If it’s [good] enough for the prince it’s good enough for our mixers.’

william galloping horse dance kate laughingE! Online

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