Kim Kardashian Faces Huge Backlash Over Video Taken After Daughter’s Birth

In today’s episode of People Getting Mad At Stuff That Doesn’t Concern Them, Kim Kardashian was blasted for working out and promoting nutritional supplements within 24 hours of her third child being born. Here’s the lowdown: After enduring many complications including placenta accreta and being advised against having a third baby, the 37-year-old opted for surrogacy. Last Tuesday, Kim brought home her newborn baby, Chicago West, who was born on Monday.

The same day she brought Chicago home, she spent some time exercising and promoting a product which she documented on her Instagram story. So why were people upset? Well, because they considered it a personal offense that Kim was spending the first days of her daughter’s life working out and doing paid promotions instead of spending them bonding with her.

Nevermind that she very clearly captioned one of the photos “quick workout while she sleeps”. Apparently, you need to spend every moment with your child or else you risk them growing up with some psychological trauma. Those same people believe that choosing to have a child means that the only activity you may henceforth partake in is Motherhood.

Of course, there were many people who did not find Kim’s choice of what to do while her daughter slept offensive and/or rightfully recognized that it was none of their business. However, others expressed “disgust” at the mother of three. One person commented, “So assuming she’s bothering with the new baby at all, now North and Saint get even less attention, because when the baby sleeps, instead of spending time with them, she dumps them to work on that monstrosity of a body?”

Who knew it was possible for one person to have this much venom in their body before dropping dead. As for her remaining children, let us all turn a blind eye to the possibility that one of Kim’s siblings and/or her husband may be spending time with her other children so that we may continue to be outraged unnecessarily.

Here’s another kind and well-wishing comment: “She sure loves self-promotion, apparently so much she can’t even spend time with her newborn child for even the first 24 hours she is home without doing her thing. Also, she clearly loves staring at herself in her iPhone camera, she looks like she is almost in a trance.”

Folks, her daughter was asleep. We all need to take a step back and consider what the underlying cause of all this anger really is.

To top it all off, one fan took it upon himself to solve the case, writing, “Must be a strange feeling being able to work out when you have a baby that’s 24 hours old. That’s the beauty of having a surrogate I suppose! No recovery.”

It has never been acceptable to direct hateful comments of this degree at someone out loud, so why is it acceptable online? Bullying is bullying, whether it’s done online or in person, and regardless of whether the person is famous or not.

In any case, congratulations to Kim and Kanye on the newest addition to their family! And to the rest of you, practice happy thoughts.

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