Woman Adopts Young Boy Nobody Else Wanted, 28 Years Later Boy Returns Her Kindness In Inspiring Way

Adopting a child is one of the greatest things a family can do. It’s really giving a human being a chance in this world and the opportunity to have a loving family. Sometimes, kids that have been adopted feel that they need to thank their parents in some way…whether it’s big or small. For Jordan, he did something incredible for his mother.


Jordan was an infant when Ingeborg McIntosh adopted him…but it wasn’t easy getting him. She spent about four years trying to convince Jordan’s biological mother to let her adopt him. You see, Jordan’s mother wanted him to be adopted by black or biracial parents.

McIntosh was white. But during that time, it was impossible to find another home for the baby, according to HLN. Jordan’s biological mother continued trying to search for the parents that she believed her son should have, but it proved to be more difficult than she thought. Eventually, she gave into Ingeborg.

So at four years old, Jordan was officially Ingeborg’s son. It was incredible. However, about two decades later, Ingeborg got terrible news. She found out she had polycystic kidney disease and needed a kidney transplant as soon as possible. Jordan, without his mother knowing, booked an appointment to see if he could be a match for a kidney transplant…and he was!

According to HLN, more than 125 foster kids would pass through the McIntosh home. However, it was Jordan who stole his foster mom’s heart. Jordan told HLN, “I feel like this was my calling in life, I guess” in regards to his decision to donate his kidney.

He continued, saying “Hopefully, I can do more for her as I get older, but for the moment, it’s the least I could do. Everything she’s done for me since I was a kid, I just wanted to give it back to her…”

McIntosh fought hard for many years to keep her son and now Jordan has returned the favour to his mom, in the most inspirational way possible.

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