25 Examples Of Parenting Done Right

Anyone who has been through it has made it no secret that parenting is undeniably hard. The “dos” and “don’ts” of raising a child are constantly changing, which makes it almost impossible for any parent to realistically keep up with those trends.

However, some parents have found their own original way to raise their children and have won over the Internet in the process. From teaching lessons to family bonding, these parents are doing things their own way.

Here are 16 hilarious examples of parenting done right.

1. No kid doesn’t love playing with toy cars on those roadmap carpets. This dad found a way for him to get involved in his children’s playtime all while simultaneously receiving a massage.

2. Dads telling their daughters what to wear is a plea that most of the time does not end in their favor. This father found a great way to deter her from ever putting on a pair of short shorts again.

3. Once babies start to crawl, watching them becomes a game that just advanced a bunch of levels. This parent, however, has discovered a cheat by literally tying down their child.

4. Not only has this father found a way to be in contact with his child while surfing the web, he’ll know when to worry as soon as the cursor stops working.

5. Who says you need to actually use your arms to rock your baby to sleep? This dad has figured out a solution to cradling his baby while still being able to use both hands.

6. Baby pants tend to be super stretchy in order to enclose any size of diapers. This parent found a way to keep his newborn still for a moment by creating a makeshift pants straitjacket.

7. Fighting is inevitable when it comes to being siblings. This mom found a solid form of punishment with hopes that it will turn out amicably like two opposing characters getting handcuffed together for a day in a bad sitcom.

8. Obviously raising a child and owning a pet are two very different things, but every now and then, there’s a little crossover.

9. This creative parent didn’t let their baby cramp their style when it came to making a show-stopping Halloween costume.

10. Social media has definitely made raising children a little more complicated than it used to be. However, this parent made sure to teach their kids responsibility by proving likes don’t mean anything.

11. Curfew can be a hard thing to instill in your child, but these parents clearly don’t play by the three strike rule. It’s safe to say that this kid won’t be a minute late from here on out.

12. A child’s graduation is one of the proudest moments of parenting, but let’s face it, it’s still incredibly boring for everyone involved. This mom found a clever way to keep things entertaining during the ceremony that will inevitably drag on and on.

13. When your kids get to a certain age, it can feel like you’ve completely lost control. However, always remember that you are the guardian of the wi-fi password and that has more power than most things.

14. This mother resorted to this key for her 12-year-old son who kept losing his. You might think he would lose this one the fastest, but he also may fear what comes next.

15. Kids have a tendency to have demands go through one ear and out the other when the source is their parental unit. However, when it comes to the tooth fairy, kids tend to listen to her.

16. This daughter will never miss curfew again after her father came up with the unique punishment of her having to wear a t-shirt with his face on it at school for a week straight.

17. Dave Engledow is the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Father.” He specializes in photoshopping images with his daughter Alice Bee, where they pair can be seen taking on a variety of precarious situations. Thanks to Dave, Alice will have a pretty fun photographic record of her childhood!

18. The owner of this car covered their vehicle with chalkboard paint so people could draw on it. They either had their car keyed one too many times, or they’re actually a wholesome and fun person who just wants to spread joy everywhere they go!

19. When you’re a parent, there’s really nothing you won’t do to make your kids happy. The goofiest parents might even go the extra mile to make their child laugh. Like this dad, who decided to pretend his daughter can use the Force to choke him.

20. This man’s daughter has a very vivid imagination. And, luckily for her, her father also has a very active imagination! Hopefully, his daughter didn’t mourn him for too long.

21. When you look at this picture, your first thought is probably “Uh-oh, where’s their mother?” But you can’t deny that a good parent is someone who goes above and beyond to make their kids happy.

22. Emilee Player is a mother who shared a picture that went viral not long ago. The caption reads: “Because of us, I will never co-parenting can’t work! I know through experience it can work! Choose to do what’s best for your child and everything will fall into place.” 

23. This imgur user shared this picture with the caption: “This is how my kid asks to watch cartoons in the morning.” If this dad doesn’t use the remote to knight her every time she does this, then what’s the point?

24. This reddit user’s 5-year-old daughter wanted to be “Princess Darth Vader” for Halloween. So, obviously, he went the extra mile and got her a pink helmet and the entire matching ensemble to go with it!

25. This picture shared by a Metallica fan shows a father and son at one of the band’s concerts. Good parents try their best to share special moments with their children. 

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