Watch ‘Deadpool 2’ Stars Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin Insult Each Other

It was on BBC Radio 1 where host Scott Mills had Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin insult each other with playground insults. The pair was attending Scott’s radio show ahead of the debut of Deadpool 2 which came out on May 15. Josh Brolin is currently better known for his role as the supervillain, Thanos, in Avengers: Infinity War but he is also playing Cable in Deadpool 2, who is opposite Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Cable is described as a mutant with strong telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Because of his ability to foresee the future, Cable’s goal is to make the world a better place. Deadpool, however, is a talkative murderer who will kill for money.

Scott Mills started off the YouTube video by explaining the rules of the game: ‘Make each other laugh, the sillier the better. The game ends when someone absolutely loses it or they deliver a killer insult.’ Ryan Reynolds started off with a personal attack on his 50-year-old counterpart by saying ‘you’re so old you make dust look like a baby.’

Josh came back with an equally vicious attack, he is known for his roles as a villain after all, by saying: ‘You’re tall, you’re handsome, you have a perfect amount of scruff and you still have no talent.’ Ryan came right back without missing a beat by giving Josh a heated stare and saying: ‘Wow, you’re gonna say that with a straight face to 1998 MTV’s best kiss nominee, Ryan Reynolds?’

Of course, there were digs about Green Lantern, personal hygiene and verbal attacks on each other’s genitalia. Despite all that Ryan Reynolds hit Josh with an onslaught that had him doubling over in laughter. Even the two hosts of the show couldn’t help but giggle. ‘Josh, you dress like an old George Hamilton.’

Instagram / Josh Brolin

Ryan reached back in time to make fun of Josh’s role in Goonies. ‘You’re so bad in Goonies that when you come on screen people don’t drink they punch themselves in the d**k for five straight minutes.’ Understandably, Josh couldn’t help but laugh and the audience can clearly hear the people behind the scenes giggle and snark at the joke as well.

But after the laughter died down, Ryan was quick to jump in and say ‘he’s actually terrific in Goonies, it’s like one of my my favorite movies,’ and to that Josh said: ‘you actually felt guilty, didn’t you? Which is okay because it was still successful as opposed to Green Lantern which is nothing, nothing, nothing.’

And of course, one of the top comments, which received more than five thousand likes on the video (watched more than 4 and a half million times), came from a user named Hunter: ‘the fact that Ryan genuinely felt bad for insulting Josh and praised him instead!! Ryan your Canadian side is showing!!’ Watch the full video for yourself below!

Instagram / Vancity Reynolds

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