16 People On Their Happiest Day

When was the happiest day of your life? If you’re a parent, the answer is probably the birth of your child. If you’re a student, the answer may be the day you received a letter of acceptance to the university of your choice.

Whatever it may be, it usually revolves around a major life-defining moment.

That said, some people prefer to keep it simple, and may find their happiest days are when nothing interesting happens at all; when life is peaceful and calm.

This is a list of pictures of people on their happiest days.

1. First class pass: You don’t know how good it is until you’ve seen the other side. After rebooking their ticket, this couple was pushed up to business class. They look pretty happy, don’t they?

2. World’s happiest criminal: This 99-year-old lady always wanted to be arrested. So much so that it was on her bucket list. The Dutch police were more than happy to oblige her wish and arrested the older woman for a whole 2 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more happy criminal.

3. Engagement day: This young couple proved that there is no boundary to true love. The young man cannot walk and uses a wheelchair to get around. They’re now married and are expecting a baby. But I bet they still consider this day to be one of their happiest!

4. First day: The first day on the job can be stressful for some, but if you’ve been spending the last 2 years looking for work, nothing will make you happier.

5. Spider-man fan: This little boy mailed a fan letter to the author of a Spider-man comic series and received a nice gift in the mail: a collection of signed Spider-man comics.


6. Surprise, surprise: It doesn’t take a lot to make a 3-year-old happy, but this young girl’s parents went above and beyond. They held a surprise party for her. What’s with all the poop emojis, though? 

7. Transformation: This man was homeless and lived on the street for 25 years. A salon owner decided to give the man a makeover the transformation left the homeless man in tears. Hopefully, he can turn his life around.

8. Feline friend: This blind man had never held a cat before. The expression on his face is pure gold. And happiness.

9. A mother’s look: The happiness on a baby’s face when they see their mother is pure magic. Need proof? This young baby’s smile.

10. Free trip to Spain: When a young man backed out of a trip to Spain, his friends decided to not let the tickets go to waste. They decided to reach out and attempt to find another person who had the exact same name as their friend. When they found the lucky match, they offered him the ticket for free.


11. Wedding crasher: In most instances, a wedding crasher is an unwelcome guest at your wedding, but when the wedding crasher is Tom Hanks, I think it’s safe to say he’s a welcome addition.

12. Virtual Happiness: When this 93-year-old put on a VR headset, she didn’t know what to expect. When she saw a giant dragon appear before her, she didn’t run. No, she smiled.

13. Jackpot: There is nothing like hitting the jackpot at your local arcade. Now one can only guess what these two young lads can buy with their newfound riches.

14. Inner peace: One of the aims of Buddhism is to find your inner peace and happiness. I don’t know if these two monks will find peace on this roller coaster ride, but they sure found happiness.

15. First Birth: The preciousness of life cannot be taken for granted. Directly after the birth of their first child, these two very happy parents decided to capture the moment with a selfie! Adorable and life-affirming.

16. Musical festival silliness: The guy in this picture clearly could not believe his eyes. He also seemed to want to show off to all his friends on social media just how lucky he was.

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