16 Photos That Show What Life With Dogs Is Really Like

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Most people can agree that dogs are amazing. They are truly a gift to mankind. They are so pure and full of love that often we don’t even deserve them!

Dogs can be smart, funny, loving, and can also be very protective and helpful! However, for those of you who actually live with dogs, you’ll know that there are some other moments with dogs that can be a bit interesting, to say the least.

They can be clumsy, and it’s remarkable the things they’ll do to try and sneak a snack. Especially if it’s your food.

Here are 16 photos that show what life with dogs is really like and just how awesome it is.

1. This little guy looks perfectly content even though he appears to be stuck in a bush. Hopefully, his owner helped him out after snapping this pic!

2. The face this dog makes when his owner tells him to get off the chair. It looks like he isn’t planning on moving anywhere anytime soon.

3. Silly pup, that’s not how you use a lawn chair! To be fair, those woven string chairs are not the comfiest and stuff like this could happen to anyone.

4. That’s actually pretty clever. If this was my dog I would let him have the pizza just for his sheer brilliance.

5. Oh boy… This guy sure has gotten himself into a bit of a predicament. He doesn’t seem to be too bothered by it though!

6. The face of pure joy. This dog is surrounded by his favorite thing and honestly who wouldn’t love that?

7. Uh oh. This is what happens when this dog sees nail clippers. She really doesn’t look impressed. Notice how she pulled her feet in?

8. Not sure if adorable, or gross… But anyone who lives with dogs knows that this is exactly what happens when you leave dishes lying around. Hopefully, the plate didn’t fall!

9. Adorable! I wonder if animals of different species can communicate with each other. Do you think the horses realize what this dog is doing?

10. Looks like he’s pretty interested! It kind of looks like he’s cocking his head to the side as if to say ‘why yes I do!’

11. Ah, the drooling face. Whenever you’re eating a meal or even just a snack and your dog sits nearby staring at you like this. As if they think the drooling will entice you to feed them.

12. It totally looks like these dogs are making out. But they actually just fell asleep while playing with a tennis ball.

13. Oh no! That’s the opposite of an alarm clock. This guy should try and teach his dog to pull the covers off or lick his face. This is a sure way to oversleep.

14. Not too sure what’s going on in this photo but it looks like one of these dogs got into the garbage bin. Neither of them looks innocent.

15. Now, that’s something else! Did you know that dogs could learn to understand sign language? It only makes sense. The same way they can learn to respond to audio cues, they can also learn visually!

16. Dogs always have a way of choosing the most guilty hiding position when they’ve done something mischievous. I wonder who shed the pillow indeed.

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