Trolls Tell 23-Year-Old Mom Her ‘Disgusting’ Stretch Marks Make Them Want To Vomit, But She Had The Best Response

When women have children, they know that there is a possibility that their body will never be the same afterward. The Sun reports that a woman named Doreen Ching, who is a 23-year-old mother of four beautiful children, has proudly flaunted her stretch marks after she accepted her body will never be the same.

Because she is so comfortable with her body now, she posted photos of her stretch marks which have gone viral with more than 12,000 shares and 23,000 likes. Unfortunately, not everyone was a fan of her photos. Trolls have slammed her saying that it is entirely her fault for having so many children. She had quadruplets who are now two-years-old named Jensen, Jayden, Jasper, and Jazreel.

The mother from Johor Province in Malaysia recalls a time when one of her friends told her that her body would be ruined if she had children. When she was 21, she just had given birth to her four children, she tells reporters that the first thing she did when she left the delivery room was to look at her stomach and cry.

When she realized that there was no amount of surgery or money that could give her the stomach she had before children, she tagged her husband in the photo and said: “Give me back my stomach!” Since posting the photo of her stretch marks, Doreen has posted a follow-up photo of her in her bikini and wrote “My stomach doesn’t matter, I can still wear a bikini at home. I can only be as perfect as I can be.”

Since she has uploaded her photo to Facebook, she has received countless support for her honesty and accepting that she is beautiful no matter what. A lot of support has come from Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan, where many people are calling her beautiful and brave.

But with all the positive comments, there was some negativity that came with it. In her follow-up post, The Sun reports that Doreen says: “Many told me I looked ugly and disgusting, and that they wanted to vomit.”

But rather than just let the negativity bring her down, Doreen delivered the utmost perfect response that anyone could ever give to the haters: “Please respect the women of this world, such as your mother and your wife, who manage childbirth and still work.” I completely agree with her, women know the consequences their body may endure when they have children, but that does not give anyone the right to shame women or make any comments regarding their body because of it. Without your mothers or your wives sacrificing their bodies for the gift of life, there would be no you.

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