Woman Ditched Boyfriend Who Criticized Her ‘Beer Gut’

Sometimes people can be extremely insensitive to other people, and in this case, the story of one guy’s body-shaming messages went viral. A woman dumped her boyfriend after he criticized her for gaining weight, even though she never actually gained any weight while they were together. The woman, whose name is Shelby Johnson, shared her now viral break up story.

Sharing the story of her boyfriend’s insensitivity might not have been easy, and in doing it, Shelby Johnson shared a lot about her past and her own issues with her body. In addition, she talked about how she overcame those issues and feels better about herself now. So rather than just being a story about how a woman dumped her boyfriend, it was also a story of body image issues and body-shaming.

After this awesome woman dumped her boyfriend for his body-shaming messages, she received a lot of support on her social media. Eventually, her story went viral, which she was not expecting. Her now ex-boyfriend also wasn’t expecting it, and even though he has been roundly criticized for his behavior, Shelby admits that she just wanted him to see the error of his ways.

The story began when Shelby shared the conversation she had been having with her boyfriend on Twitter, saying “My partner said this to me. Am I overreacting for feeling hurt by this?

Shelby continued her tweet saying “I’m at a loss and just can’t even comprehend how someone who claims to love me can say this.” She also shared the rest of the conversation.

Seeing these insensitive messages, it’s easy to understand why this woman dumped her boyfriend. In addition, she added that she has weighed 120 pounds for five months and met this guy two months ago, so she didn’t even gain any weight while they were together.

Shelby continued by sharing her own struggles with her weight, in particular, her problems with maintaining a healthy weight, which she felt she had finally been able to do.

People who read Shelby’s story on Twitter were quick to share their support and to tell her that she deserves to be treated better. The replies to her story were brimming with positivity.

Twitter users who were following the story also offered kind words for all women, with one user saying that “all women deserve a person who makes them feel like they’re gorgeous.”

Shelby kept her followers updated on the story. With the outpouring of support that she received, she decided that the best course of action was to end her relationship.

There was also time enough for Shelby to thank all the people who have replied to her story and show her appreciation for the emotional support she has received.

Then came the tweet that everyone was waiting for: Shelby announced that she had officially broken it off with her boyfriend, while also noting that he hadn’t expected his body-shaming messages to go viral.

As an added bonus for the people following her story, Shelby shared the final conversation she had with her boyfriend. You can almost perfectly picture him hanging his head in shame.

Shelby seems to be much happier and doing better, now that she has cut someone out of her life that was not worth her time.

Now that she’s single, Shelby also happens to be getting some pretty supportive messages, suggesting that she won’t have any trouble finding someone who truly appreciates her.

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