25 Strange Moments We’re Lucky Someone Had A Camera For

Strange occurrences happen every single day. From Bigfoot sightings to small coincidences, there are plenty of moments that make us question our reality.

The following pictures are not such occasions. Sure, they may look strange, but after some careful examination, we can see that they’re obviously as normal as you or me. Well, as normal as you at least.

This is 25 Strange Moments We’re Lucky Someone Had A Camera For.

1. Just some noodles shoveling the driveway. I know this might be hard to believe because noodles are known by most for their laziness, but that’s a very close minded thought if you ask me. Any noodle, if put on the right path like this young gentleman noodle obviously has been, can be a contributing member of society.

2. The cone tree. What? Didn’t you know this is where traffic cones come from? Well obviously, what did you think traffic cones grew on TREES or someth– wait, hold on, I’ve gone and confused myself.

3. Yeah, this is how we fix the infrastructure in this country. Concrete, unlike traffic cones, does not grow on trees. What, you think we can fix EVERY bridge that is on the verge of crumbling with ACTUAL materials? Maybe if we lived in fantasy land, but we don’t so we have to make our repairs out of lego!

4. Maybe if I don’t blink, he won’t realize I’m a real cat. Having to be Putin’s cat has to be a hard job, but I would hardly call it strange. So what if he’s an alleged dictator who murders his political opponents, everyone needs the occasional kitty snuggles.

5. Sure, you don’t think it’s a sound idea for a sofa, but no one asked you did they? I’m sure if you sit at the right spot, at the right angle without moving at all you could probably sit on that chair for about… 10 seconds.

6. Wait a minute… Didn’t Britney Spears get fired for something like this? I don’t think I was alive for most of the soda wars, but I do remember a rumor going around about Britney getting fired from Pepsi for drinking a coke. Did I just dream that or was it real?

7. How do you explain that many cats all congregating together? This may seem like an odd occurrence to the untrained eye, but cats frequently come together to discuss cat-related matters. You know, where to catch all the best sunrays, how to trick humans into scratching their bellies only to bite them, etc, etc.

8. You’ve never taken your pet alligator out for a ride in the car? Believe it or not, alligators are very social creatures. If you’re a single guy and looking to maybe strike up a conversation with some ladies, alligators are the best wingmen. Trust me, they’ve seen every single episode of Keys to the VIP.

9. High Five! Listen, if we’re just going to stop and judge every single guy with a human hand for a gear changer, we’re not going to be able to finish this list. Maybe the driver just needs a little encouragement from time to time?

10. The new season of Attack on Titan got some corporate sponsors, I see. Ronald McDonald is only protecting his assets, checking in on the place, making sure everyone’s working up to the McDonalds standard. Maybe he could fix the ice cream machine, that would be a welcome visit.

11. He is only giving that cat a massage, nothing to see here. Well, it’s that or he’s sculpted a perfect recreation of a cat’s head in his pizza dough. Oh, come on that’s not in the least bit strange, don’t act like we all haven’t done it before!

12. It’s what we call a regular beer float. It’s the drink of choice for the alcoholic at the ice cream parlor/50s diner. Sure, you could just order an egg cream and not have your best gal get steamed at ya, but then how are you supposed to get toasted at 11 AM?

13. I guess they’re selling Cuphead characters at grocery stores now. I’m just kidding, of course, there was no eggplant character in Cuphead. They only sell REAL Cuphead characters at grocery stores.

14. Do you not know the Avengers? Don’t you remember? There’s Captain Guy, the Invincible Iron-Buddy and everyone’s favorite, the Arrow Dude. I think Joss Whedon directed the first two movies, they made like 3 trillion dollars collectively, how do you not remember this?

15. Okay, you just have to account for drop and distance… There we go… And fire! Great shot, monkey! Now, we need to move on to building! It’s really easy once you get the hang of it, honestly, I suggest dropping in the Wailing Woods and collecting a lot of wood for practice.

16. What, your cat doesn’t have a human nose? Everyone knows that cats developed human noses over the years! It’s so they can relate to us better and infiltrate our society so that one day they can become the dominant species. Nothing weird at all about that!

17. Ah, I see the Council of Coke has convened to discuss a very pressing matter. “Do you think we should fire her?” asked one council member to the rest. “I don’t know,” said another “Doesn’t it seem a little harsh?” The third slammed his fist on the desk “We must show no mercy! It was a PEPSI, darn it!”

18. If you don’t have one toe as a total foot, then you’re the weird one! You should also have a thumb for hands and a thumb for a head. What, you’re not one of those monsters from the first Spy Kids? Woah, you really ARE weird!

19. Jeez, this coffee is really dry. Believe it or not, but that wasn’t coffee in that cup. It was genuine Sahara air, you can buy it for when you’re feeling particularly wet one day. Just open the cup and you’ll get a blast of dry, sandy wind. This person obviously spilled theirs.

20. People let me tell ya bout my best friend… If you don’t go on fishing trips with your car, then I pity you. My car and I just got back from a road trip to Disney World, man it was awesome! I loved space mountain and my car loved the bumper cars, just because she was so good at them.

21. You forgot the picture of the rotting, cancerous tongue on the front of the water bottle. Yeah I mean, the surgeon general’s warning clearly works, because obviously, every smoker who sees them immediately stops smoking. I was a smoker for years until I noticed those icky pictures and was instantly able to stop.

22. With your powers combined, angels, I will become my ultimate final form! I’m sure when all four of them combine together they become some sort of super mecha, which is of course totally normal. Don’t you have anyone YOU can combine with to become a mecha? You need to get out more, buddy!

23. That’s what we call our own personal hot tub! I’m sure that would be…um, passable if it weren’t for all the sewage pouring out all around you. Probably wouldn’t smell too nice after a dip in that personal lagoon. I also could’ve gone with an “It” joke here, but it already seemed dated.

24. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask off the ol’ lone ranger… and you don’t mess around with geese, every Canadian knows that. I’m convinced they evolved directly from raptors.

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25. Oh, those wacky wizards at it again! I swear, if they break my TV again with their antics… last time it got turned into a demon from the underworld cause of an arrant magical bolt! The worst part is that it doesn’t get HBO anymore! Okay, maybe that’s a little bit strange.

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