8 Hilarious Neighbors Whose Passive Aggressive Messages Made Us All Laugh Hysterically

If you’ve never gotten into some disagreement or other with your neighbor, you should consider yourself lucky. It’s natural that there will be tension when you live in close proximity to someone else.

It can be a big argument or issue, but usually, the disagreements or problems are petty. With that being said, petty problems lend themselves to petty behavior.

We’ve collected several stories of neighbors who, instead of directly confronting the problem at hand, have chosen to instead be super passive aggressive and the results are usually pretty damn funny.

1) This sign deserves an award. If you were the neighbor that this is directed at, would you even be mad at it?

2) This is one way to deal with intolerance. This person’s neighbors are bigots so instead of responding with outward aggression, this is what they did instead:

3) Why having an exposed garbage can leads to a fine is another beyond me, but this solution is just hilarious. No need for profanity when you can build a passive aggressive fence that will swear for you.

4) One Reddit user sent a picture to their neighbors of their dog sitting in a pile of snow after they complained that the owner shouldn’t let their dog out all day in the winter.

5) This is a lesson in not speaking on matters you don’t know anything about. The note left was super offensive, but hats off to the veteran for a classy and measured response.

6) I hope the recipients of this extremely vivid note were very embarrassed when they read it because the entire crew sounds like a hot mess.

7) These extra AF neighbors took their dispute to changing wifi names. But on a very real note, be wary of your grammar when roasting someone because one mistake can entirely invalidate you.

8) This is a weird task to put your grandson up to, but it’ll do the job. Seriously though people, pick up after your animals. It’s gross.

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