Samantha Fox Says David Cassidy Grabbed Her Breasts in Restaurant Toilet, and Her Response was Vicious

The recent death of David Cassidy was greatly mourned by his fans. As a star of The Partridge Family, Cassidy was very popular. However, a new accusation against Cassidy may send a long shadow over his popularity. Former model and pop star Samantha Fox claims David Cassidy groped her and forcefully kissed her in a restaurant bathroom in 1985.

Samantha Fox accused Cassidy in advance of the release of her autobiography. Samantha Fox claims David Cassidy committed the act after a photo shoot to promote his album, Romance. Fox, who began her career as a “page 3 model,” said she was a huge fan of Cassidy when she was young.

“Growing up I used to kiss posters of him on my wall every night,” Fox said of Cassidy. During the photo shoot, both Samantha Fox and David Cassidy were topless. Samantha Fox claims David Cassidy “had an erection the entire time.” Fox was uncomfortable but decided to accept when Cassidy invited her and her father to dinner.

That night, Samantha Fox and David Cassidy, along with Fox’s father, went to dinner at the White Elephant in London. Samantha Fox claims David Cassidy was not flirting in front of Fox’s father, but she was still feeling uneasy after the overly long photo shoot. During dinner, she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

samantha fox claims david cassidyAllan Ballard/Scope

Unbeknownst to her, Cassidy had also excused himself from the table and followed Fox to the washrooms. While she was washing her hands, Samantha Fox claims David Cassidy burst through the door and came straight at her. Fox says David Cassidy groped her, and when she protested, he put his hand up her skirt and tried to kiss her.

Fox was able to fight Cassidy off by kneeing him in the groin and elbowing him in the face. Fox also writes in her new book that she “would still do that today.” After the event, Fox returned to the table and chose not to tell her father what had happened.

David Cassidy died on November 21, 2017, due to liver failure. Despite his early success on The Partridge Family and his continuing fame as a pop star, Cassidy would later run into legal and financial trouble. Cassidy was arrested for drunk driving three times and filed for bankruptcy in 2015.

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