Teacher Alleged To Have Slept With 4 Teenage Students, 2 In The Same Night

A former art teacher from Arkansas has been arrested on charges of first-degree sexual assault after she assaulted several students, one of whom was underage at the time.

25-year-old Jessie Lorene Goline has been charged with allegedly sexually assaulting four students. Three students were from Marked Tree School District, where Goline worked, and the fourth was from East Poinsett County School District. According to the Marked Tree police report, as reported by KAIT-TV, the principal of Goline’s school turned her into the police after claiming that she had “slept with” four students. While police had interviewed students and parents, the report didn’t include a statement about their allegations at the time. The affidavit reported in KAIT-TV stated that the acts occurred between the months of January and April.

The report then stated that police had spoken to Goline, who admitted that she had “relations” with the boys after being read her rights. KAIT-TV reported that Goline told police, “I already admitted that I did it, how could I incriminate myself anymore.” [sic]

Arkansas Online reported that Marked Tree High School officials were notified of the allegations when a parent had threatened to “do bodily harm” to Goline. The parent then claimed that the teacher had had relations with several students.

The interactions allegedly began when Goline started messaging the boys through text, which became increasingly more explicit. At one point, she had sent one of the boys a photograph of her wearing nothing but her undergarments.

One of the victims that came forward said that when he was spending time with a friend, Goline had texted him her address and asked him to come over. His friend dropped him off at her Jonesboro apartment where they engaged in intercourse twice. The student informed police that another student had gone to her apartment later that same night.

If Goline is convicted, she could face 10-40 years in prison or life.

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