Off Duty Cop Overhears Idiot Man Treat His Date Horribly

In the enticing world of Reddit, we inevitably come across conversations and situations that strike our interest. To our surprise, we may even stumble across a feel-good story that will open our eyes to the heroes in the society that we may have upon us.

An individual asked the women of Reddit, “what has been your worst ‘nice guy’ experience”, which was followed by a courageous story that is sure to be a memorable one.

While sitting for dinner with his girlfriend, a 23-year-old man noticed a seemingly uncomfortable conversation happening between a couple that sat behind them. The girl was evidently trying to rush through her meal, when the man proceeded to say “Well, at least I know you can swallow right?” This then led to further discomfort and justified reactions by the harassed woman, which was then followed by the man saying “Oh calm down, I was going to find out in a few hours anyway.”

At this point, most people who would be witnessing a situation like this would undoubtedly think about intervening, and righteously so. The man who had overheard this ill-mannered conversation decided to get up and take the matter into his own hands.

Upon getting up to approach the situation, a fit man in his mid-50s stopped him and said: “Easy, I’ve got this one, son.” He suddenly pulls out his police ID, puts it on the table, and proceeds to pull up a chair next to the couple.

The cop, who was off-duty, had then offered this man an ultimatum. Either he would present him with his ID and get up to settle the bill in its entirety, or he would have his fellow officers come by to remove him. Alarmed, the man quickly got up and complied with his orders. The cop then calmly spoke to the woman, and let her know that he didn’t mean to intrude, but that he was here to help. Additionally, he offered the woman to sit down with him and his daughter to finish her meal, and even take her home afterward. Before the man fled, he advised him to stay away from this woman entirely, and that he now has all of his details.

Fellow Reddit users went into a frenzy of reactions, after finding out about this humane endeavor. Comments like “…it kinda restores my faith in humanity,” and “…beyond impressed…that guy was exactly what a cop should be,” further emphasize and prove that in fact, not all heroes wear capes.

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