Boy Discovers Mom And Dad’s Disturbing Bedroom Secret—Decides To Act Immediately

A 10-year-old Pennsylvania boy called 911 on his parents after discovering heroin needles in their bedroom nightstand. The boy’s mother and father, Lakin Michelle Stoppard and Anthony Edward Young, were placed under arrest and charged with child endangerment and drug paraphernalia possession. The 10-year-old boy said during the 911 call that he knew about his parents’ drug habit and was “tired of it.”

While Stoppard and Young were out of the house, their 10-year-old son (whose name is not being released) entered their room in search of drugs. He had been left at the house with two other adults. He found several syringes in the bedroom, and immediately called the police. After officers of the Northern York County Regional Police arrived at the house, the 10-year-old boy told them what he had found, and they entered the home for a proper search.

The officers discovered the heroin needles, as well as a crack pipe, four heroin packets, a spoon with heroin residue, and a homemade smoking device which also contained residue in the parents’ bedroom. The other two adults were ordered by police to call the parents and tell them to come home. Lakin Michelle Stoppard stated that she would be home in 15 minutes, but did not return until 45 minutes later. According to the officers on the scene, she was clearly under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

The officers described Stoppard in their charging document as “stumbling across the field from Lehr Park.” Although Stoppard had been driven home by a friend, she was not dropped off directly at the house. When the officer asked why this was, Stoppard said that the friend did not want to have to talk to the officers. The officer then asked her why Young had not returned home, and Stoppard reiterated her point saying, “who the (expletive) wants to talk to the cops?”

As Stoppard became more belligerent, she tried to run past the officers into the house, however, she was quickly stopped. The officers then detained her for being drunk and disorderly. As Anthony Edward Young, the father of the 10-year-old never came home, police called him again and asked for him to return. Young refused, and the officers offered to meet with him later, to which Young replied “I doubt that will happen,” according to the charging documents.

Young was later found and placed under arrest. He and Stoppard were arraigned and Young was released after he posted $7,500 for bail. Stoppard remains in York County Prison. York County Children and Youth Services were called in to determine custody of the 10-year-old boy after the arrest of his parents.

This is not the first time a child has called the police on their parents because of drug use or possession in the home. In 2017, an 11-year-old boy in Lawrence, Massachusetts called the police after he found large amounts of heroin and fentanyl in his father’s bedroom. During the 911 call, he told the operator: “I think my dad sells drugs.” After the boy made the call, his father, Yamil Mercado, turned himself in. He was charged with drug trafficking and child endangerment.

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