24 People Who Have Pretty Much Just Given Up

Life can sometimes get hard trust me, I know. But when life throws lemons at your face you just need to grab them and throw them right back! Come on people, let’s get together and do something!

Oh come now, don’t be like that! Why would you just want to give up on life, I mean, what else is there? Don’t be a slouchy Steve, dear reader! Giving up isn’t the answer, heck, you wouldn’t want to be like THESE people, would you?

These are the 24 People Who Have Pretty Much Just Given Up.

1. Not Baywatching. I don’t know if the problem is that she’s given up, but maybe that she SHOULD give up. I’m no expert on lifeguarding, but letting a kid swim around unwatched and then losing him in the ocean is probably not the best practice. At least she looks good in the outfit though!

2. Yes MOM, I did it right the first time, don’t worry! “God, will you GET OFF my back? Like seriously, why don’t you trust me? Because the last time we fixed a building I just slapped a big tarp over it? This time I swear it was done well, scout’s honor!”

Twitter | @KevinPowerTool

3. And a nice chianti… I’ve heard British food is bad, but this is ridiculous! Seriously though, what was going through this person’s head? What would possibly compel them to put hand sanitizer on toast with avocado and beans? Then again, my dad DID always say don’t knock it ‘till you try it…

4. They’re creepy and they’re kooky… To be totally honest, this picture seems like it’s worth $250. I’m serious! Not only did it make them a bunch of Reddit karma, but it also gave them one of the funniest family photos I’ve ever seen. A great conversation starter at get-togethers!

5. Absolutely NO engraving. I believe this is what we call either “malicious compliance” or “the guy takes things too literally”. The way I picture the conversation going reminds me of an Abbott and Costello skit… “Okay, make sure you put nothing on the plaque” “Got it. Put “nothing” on the plaque.” “No, I’m serious! I do not want any engraving. Just leave the metal plate blank, no engraving” “… THAT’S what you want on your plaque?” “Want what on my plaque” “That” “What’s that?” “Well that’s what I’m asking you!”.

6. You’re never going home, Rocco. Trapped forever, knowing that if the maze designer had just added one more exit he would have escaped. But no, Rocco the sentient car is now trapped inside a labyrinth for all eternity, forced to drive up and down the same path until inevitably he runs out of gas. Bummer!

7. One, two, three, four, uno, dos, tres… Seriously??? I’m not mad at the fact that they literally had one reason for the account existing and they messed it up, I’m mad they forgot in the first place! He’s the most electrifying man in entertainment, HOW could ANYONE POSSIBLY forget his birthday. For future reference: January 15th. You’re welcome.

8. Pikachu, I choose- WHA?!? Woah Pikachu is that your tail or are you just happy to see me? And um… Are those your ears or are you just… hold on…. Get back to me on this one, I’m about as confused as you are.

9. I am the law! One might wonder what got this officer so gassed up he just took off without removing the pump. Judging based on the picture… the incredible deals at McDonald’s. At the time of writing, the exclusive deal is “buy one filet o fish and get a second free” so… he must be a seafood guy?

10. Cracking up. From the company that gave you “5 movie facts that will make you go: I mean, I guess” and “7 articles where if you read them you’d totally be all like, feh” comes the next breakthrough in title writing!

11. Uncanny Valley. As much as I like the new Wal-Mart greeters, I have to say they’re a little quiet. Also, it’s kind of cruel how Wal-Mart hangs them by their uniform. Finally, what kind of parent names their kid “people greeter”? Kind of pre-determining their future with that name, aren’t you?

12. Hobo Santa. What? I could’ve been doing this the whole time? I hate wrapping presents, honestly I swear I come out of it every time like I was trying to wrap MYSELF. Thank god, I’ll remember this for next Christmas!

13. True or True? Man, where were these professors when I went to college? Imagine, having a professor at University as dejected and enthusiastic as YOU ARE! That, my friends, is the true American dream.

14. Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays! This lizard embodies the soul of anyone who’s woken up in the morning and been disappointed. From his lazily slouched body to his outright dispirited look. Has anyone claimed this lizard as a spirit animal yet?

15. Creativity takes courage. It certainly takes a fair amount of gusto to put that up in a gallery and expect people to see it as art. “Hm, yes, the way the black font clashes with the white background… It’s a metaphor for the evils of the world obviously, wait, is that Helvetica? My goodness what am I saying of course not, that would be SO blasé”

16. Thanks, fortune cookie! I mean, I figured my eighteen or so years of schooling would help me remember that I can read but it’s nice to be reminded of the fact every now and again. Side note: the thing that makes me the maddest about this is that it’s not even a fortune!

Reddit /u/ kcapulet

17. Maybe? I dunno? Maybe it’ll rain, maybe it won’t. Might be sunny, might be cloudy, heck, it might even snow! I’m not 100%, to be honest. Well don’t get mad at me, what do I look like to you, a weatherman or something? Wait, don’t answer that.

18. Take the stairs, pal. This maintenance guy is showing about as much effort and initiative as the previous weatherman did. I can picture his response now: “Yeah, I know the elevator is down, so what? I put up a SIGN what else do you want from me???”

19. Only one man can judge me! Gucci baby, everyone knows the first rule of court is NEVER incriminate yourself! And don’t you of all people know that snitches get stitches? Better watch your back in the clink, buddy. The guy you incarcerated is going to be looking for you!

20. Are you even trying? I wish I hadn’t already used the “from the creators of…” joke a couple entries ago. Now I have to find something witty and relevant to say about this, unlike the creators of this little gem.

21. Incomprehensible Kanye. I understand maybe putting this for Desiigner, but Kanye? Kanye’s raps are pretty legible…. Must’ve been this guy’s last day until retirement. A grizzled vet on a mission, to get out of there as fast as possible.

22. The special for today is… Yes, believe it or not, it’s actually the chef’s specialty. We can also offer you some lemon and sugar with that as well if you’re feeling extra dangerous tonight! I bet it all cost a crazy amount too, any place whose specialty is water is bound to be either failing or pretentious.

23. Easy going parking lot attendant. I’m not sure whether it was their last day or if they were just fed up with the craziness that comes with working a parking lot, but I do know this— someone was fired that day.

Reddit /u/ awxomecross514

24. What? It’s good. What else do you need, a freakin’ sonnet? Would you like the words inscribed in GOLD across the can, your highness? What’s that? You want EFFORT? Now you’re asking too much, matey.

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