This Girl’s Experience With A Football Player On Tinder Is The Purest Interaction We’ve Ever Seen

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Tinder has exploded into a gigantic dating platform and app that has paved the way for many future and current dating sites and apps. On the Tinder website, they boast over 1.6 billion swipes per day across more than 190 countries and a total of more than 20 billion matches. According to a CNBC report, an estimated 50 million people have signed up for Tinder since its inception in August of 2012, but that report was done back in 2015 and since then that number must have increased since Tinder doesn’t reveal its user statistics. And a 2018 report done by Tech Crunch revealed that the Tinder app has been downloaded more than 100 million times!

With so many people regularly using Tinder it can be no surprise that many avoid it due to its crude and inappropriate users. While Tinder can sometimes be used for inappropriate pictures or sexual innuendos there are a handful of scenarios where people are ‘pure’ towards each other.

Lyra was one of the millions of users on Tinder when she swiped right to a Florida State University Football player. Like many users on Tinder, Lyra ‘forgot’ to read Claudio’s bio and was confused with his opening line.

Claudio, who matched with Lyra on April 4, 2018, asked her ‘you trying to play?’ Not knowing what Claudio meant, and seeing that his pictures showed him in football gear she assumed that he was talking about football. But after asking him, Claudio referred Lyra to his bio page.

His page read: ‘I still watch Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place. Play me in Words with Friends 2. I repeat, Words with Friends 2, not 1. If you win you get Chipotle or wherever you please If I win you get… Nothing! You lose! Good day sir! I’m only here to play Words with Friends.’

Lyra, of course, had to go on Twitter to show off her hilarious yet cute Tinder experience. She went on Twitter to tweet it out and say: ‘this is my favorite Tinder experience ever.’ Another Twitter user by the name of Abby Burgelin tweeted out a picture of her screen where she was literally playing Claudio in Words With Friends at that moment.

Lyra’s Twitter post has since been retweeted more than 600 times and liked nearly 4000 times. Many Twitter users were happy and supportive of this Tinder experience. Austin Myles Davis said: ‘this is hilarious!’ while Natalie Beth tweeted out: ‘get that Chipotle!’ While there haven’t been any new updates on whether the two have played yet it is great to see a new way to use Tinder!

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