Reason Prince Harry Is Disappointed Michelle Obama Can’t Attend Royal Wedding

Naturally, when one is getting married, they have a particular idea of how they would want it to be, and who will ideally attend. Sitting down and planning can be stressful, from aiming to make it perfect, to ensuring everyone important will be there, especially if someone significant, for whatever reason, is unable to make it on your big day. For Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, they have now learned that someone significant will not be in attendance at the long-anticipated Royal Wedding, and they are devastated.

Said to be at the top of the couple’s most wanted guest list, is none other than Michelle Obama. The beloved former First Lady of the United States is believed to have set Prince Harry and his future wife up, playing an important role in their romance, according to a report by The Mail On Sunday. “Michelle had a hand in introducing Harry to Meghan. In his mind, there wouldn’t be a wedding without her and that is reason enough to invite them. He was not happy such a legitimate reason was ignored,” they reported.

The American lawyer and writer, and wife of former President Barack Obama is said to have first met Prince Harry in 2011 during a state visit to the United Kingdom. They would end up teaming up on a number of initiatives, and Prince Harry offered his support towards her campaigns for girls education and stronger support for military families.

The two would eventually collaborate in championing the Invictus Games in 2015 in Toronto, where he would receive a respectful welcome from Barack. The games were an initiative to bring together “wounded warriors around the world…to make sure that we see not simply the sacrifices they’ve made, but also the incredible contributions, strength, and courage they continue to display.” Through working together and getting to know each other very well at this time, and the gratitude towards Michelle in having a hand in their relationship, it’s inevitable that the British royal is disappointed at this time that the former First Lady will not be there to witness the couple’s special day.

According to The Mirror, Harry and Meghan are known to dislike current President Donald Trump, and to snub him at this time for the Obama’s could’ve led to an uproar. A staff member working for the British royals revealed that inviting Barack and Michelle would’ve been a “diplomatic headache”, with political tensions potentially arising. CNN reported that the Kensington Palace has confirmed that Prime Minister Theresa May, President Donald Trump, and the Obamas will not be in attendance at the Royal Wedding. A spokesperson stated: “It has been decided that an official list of political leaders — both UK and international — is not required for Prince Harry and Ms. Markle’s wedding,” adding “Her Majesty’s Government was consulted on this decision, which was taken by The Royal Household.”

Further reasoning suggests that due to Harry unlikely to become King, it is unnecessary to invite political leaders. He is fifth in line to the throne, behind his brother William, and his family. Kensington Palace confirms that those who share a direct relationship with the couple will be in attendance at St. George’s Chapel, and according to the Inquisitr, charity workers, young community leaders, and injured servicemen will also be included in the 2,640 people who will be invited to the Royal Wedding. Additionally, the guest list includes 100 students from local schools, 500 members of the royal household, seven recipients of The Diana Award, and some young survivors from the devastating London terror attack in 2017.

The big day is set to take place in the Windsor Castle grounds on May 19th, with many people across the globe itching to witness it. The future wedded couple will avoid any potential disputes and controversy this time, having only those closest to them in attendance, among other exceptions that were made. Through all the buzz and hype leading up to it, the Royal Wedding is nearly here, at last.

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