This Man Lost 70 Pounds and Now Looks Like A Disney Prince

26-year-old Jeffrey Kendall from Connecticut has undergone a dramatic transformation in weight loss into a physique many are comparing to that of a Disney Prince. According to an interview with BestLife Magazine, around two years ago, Jeffrey was overweight, unemployed, and suffering from depression. Jeffrey snapped out of this funk while helping take care of his mother who was recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

Jeffery stated in his interview with BestLife that at the time, “My mother was being released from rehab hospitals back to her home after 7 months away; she wasn’t better but she had plateaued and that’s where the insurance ends. Looking at myself at the time, I was in a long-running battle with self-image and depression.” A friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend asked Jeffrey to start going to the gym with him so they could help motivate each other. Jeffrey agreed and the rest is history.

According to a Reddit thread started by Jeffrey himself, the man has lost over 70 pounds, going from somewhere of 250 pounds at age 24 down to 180 pounds at age 26. Jeffrey commented on Reddit“I adjusted my diet to fit my schedule. I was awake (I’m a total night owl at the moment) and skimped a bit on breakfast. I added in exercises starting with walking and pushups and now YouTube videos of HIIT workouts and Yoga has kept me going through the winter.” Let’s take a look now, at how Jeffrey has completely transformed into a Disney Prince.

When asked about this long hair on Reddit, Jeffrey stated: “I feel a little outrageous when I whip it around or head bang but I still do once in a while! It’s good to keep the neck nimble as well!” According to the weight loss champion, he hasn’t cut his hair in over 2 years, and is now an aspiring model.

Here you can see just how dramatic a transformation Jeffrey has had in two years time. When asked what helped make this happen by a user on Reddit, Jeffrey responded by saying, “My workout habit tends to change since I get tired of the same routine. In the beginning, it was just push-ups, about 100-200 a day and focus on a good diet. I started adding going for walks/hikes and some easy/lighter weight lifting. Then I started doing yoga and that’s been the most enjoyable thing for me. It’s often a perfect challenge when I’m feeling fiery and an easier chiller time if I’m not feeling 100%. Always something peaceful and positive to take away from it as well so it keeps me coming back. I’ve been trying to do yoga every day and then I’ll mix in some other bodyweight exercise routines and a little cardio when I can. I use Youtube for a lot of workouts but sometimes I like to throw on a podcast or music and just do my own. Yoga with Adriene is a very positive experience.”

In his own candid post about his weight-loss journey, Jeffrey stated that he was “A young boy who was a bit overweight and a bunch bullied. I didn’t understand fat….or fashion. I started wearing hoodies and sweatpants every day to try to hide my body, even in the brutal heat.” Jeffrey shared some photos of what he used to look like growing up.

Before he went down his weight loss journey, Jeffrey shared some photos about how he started working out, but then slipped into a deep depression which made his weight fluctuate rapidly, before finally giving in and letting himself go.

A side by side comparison to teenage Jeffrey and adult Jeffrey shows how far he has come in his journey to a healthier life.

Jeffrey discusses how his friend had inspired him on his Reddit thread, by saying “One day I met someone, and without knowing they inspired me to pick up and start a lifestyle change that works for me.” You can see from these photos just how dramatic a weight loss and change has had on Jeffrey’s lifestyle.

Many Reddit users have commented how Jeffrey now looks like Prince Adam from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, after the Beast undergoes his final transformation back into the prince he once was. Jeffrey responded to these comments by saying “that’s the most lovely compliment I could ever hear.”

Jeffrey said in his Reddit thread that, “I’ve had a couple members in my life mention modelling to me, it’s something I think I’d love, but I’m not sure I “have it.” I would love to know what people think. Thank you all so much for your time and have a good day!” After seeing this amazing transformation, we definitely think Jeffrey has what it takes!

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