20 Of The Best Parenting Hacks Ever

Parenting is one of the great challenges of life, but it always seems like there are better ways to raise your kids. Some smart people have figured out the best parenting hacks and were nice enough to share them on the internet. With these great parenting tips, any parent can conquer the challenge of child-rearing in 2017.

In this day and age, raising kids comes with its own unique set of challenges. However, these tricks for parents are a great way to maintain your sanity and help your kids learn, grow, and have fun. The best parenting hacks are the ones that work for both parents and kids, and here you’ll find some great solutions to common problems.

These are the 20 best parenting hacks the internet has to offer. From taking better baby pictures to giving your kids fun activities, and even preventing arguments, all of these hacks for parents are useful, simple, and effective. Kids will love them, and parents will be impressed with how much easier their lives become.

1. Kids hate medicine. This is just a known fact. So how do you give a kid medicine without having them make a fuss? Pretend that it’s Pepsi, of course!

2. The best parenting hacks are the ones where you can foster creativity. This parent hung butcher paper on the walls so their kid would always have a place to draw.

3. Who says having kids can’t also be handy? Make a fun scavenger hunt for your kids, but have the items be things you can’t find.

4. Bath time doesn’t have to be frustrating for parents or kids. There are some great parenting tips for bathing your kids, including using a laundry basket to keep toys in one place!

5. Leaving the kids with a babysitter can be a source of anxiety for some parents, but with this handy hack using a picture frame and dry erase marker, parents won’t have to worry.

6. Sometimes the best parenting hacks are just the ones that keep messes at bay. Kids love toilet paper, so keep it in place with a hair elastic.

7. Some hacks for parents are just created so that they can maintain their sanity. By placing cardboard between car seats, parents can avoid fights between their kids.


8. Tricks for parents can also make life more fun for the kids, too. For instance, making an indoor hammock out of a bedsheet and the dining room table.

9. Let your baby get a little bit of fresh air without having to deal with mosquitoes or too much sun by covering a playpen with a fitted sheet.

10. Want to keep your kid busy without having them make a big mess? Give them a bucket of water and a brush and let them “paint the fence.”

11. Being able to resume baby items makes for the best parenting hacks. In this case, you can turn an old crib into an awesome art desk.

12. There are some great parenting tips for the beach, but this one is so simple and effective. Use a fitted sheet and some beach items to keep the sand out.

13. Doll hair is always one of the main casualties of playtime. An easy way to get those tangles out is using water and hair conditioner. Good as new!

14. Sometimes you want to spend time with your kids, sometimes you want to play video games. Why not do both? Just give them unplugged controllers and pretend you’re all playing together.

15. Turning old things into new things makes for some of the best parenting hacks. Take those old DVD cases and make them into fun coloring kits.

16. There are some great parenting tips for helping your kids concentrate. Letting them sit on exercise balls is a great way to help them stay focused.

17. What kid doesn’t love playing in a box? Make a fun activity for kids by giving them some crayons and an empty cardboard box. It’s like a three-dimensional drawing board!

18. Got a kid who loves Hot Wheels? Then you’ve probably seen them lying all over the house. Use toilet paper tubes to make a cool parking garage for those little cars.

19. Some of the best parenting hacks are the ones that get your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Cut watermelon into manageable sticks so they’re easier for kids to enjoy!

20. Keep your kids from slipping on the floor by applying Slick paint to the bottom of their socks. They can even join in and make their own designs!

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