The Most Hilariously Confusing Pictures Ever Taken In Walmart

Farmers don’t nearly get the amount of respect that they deserve. They wake at the crack of dawn to till fields, manage barns, cater to animals and water the fields just to name a few. But ultimately, their duty to feed thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people almost always get overlooked. Although modern western countries have a tendency to convert agricultural gold mines into real estate property, the fact is we require farmers and the like to stay alive and maintain good health. From vertical farms to GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)—food is what allows us to survive. Finding sustenance in fresh foods from Mother Earth will help us live longer and better.

From small family-owned stores to local farms, to Whole Foods and then to giant wholesale supermarkets like Costco and Walmart, these businesses all play a vital and integral role in providing a central location for citizens to get their food.

But here are some hilarious pictures of customers at Walmart that might make you burst out laughing.

I know high heels are meant to make a woman more appealing but those are some serious levels! And the transparent material makes it look more unique? And the additional inches she’s gained from her shoes seems to be having an adverse effect on her posture.


The picture on the right seems pretty accurate to me. A guy wearing a Cookie Monster shirt is supposed to indulge on an excessive amount of cookies anyways. Now if only I could decipher what TYPE of cookies those were? And the gentleman on the right is just illustrating his freedom to dress however he pleases.


Who knows? She might be a powerlifter on the side.


On the right: when granny is fed up with following you around the supermarket all day. On the left: when you can’t go into certain establishments without socks, just tattoo them on.


Whether that’s a customer or staff, this should be a cause for concern. If you can sleep on one of those hard, cold metal racks at Walmart then you must be severely tired.


The image on the left is acceptable. Either as a personal style preference or as an homage to the POTUS (President Of The United States.) But the image on the right isn’t even funny or weird, instead, it’s rather disrespectful and racist to be sporting an emblem such as that.


Either this fellow has a morbid and dark sense of humor or that isn’t really a hearse he’s driving.


The blue vest makes me assume that he is a Walmart employee. Is that some sort of hardwood Zamboni where his head and hair act as a mop? Or is he just a tired disgruntled employee asking a customer for a ride?


Now, who am I to judge someone’s fashion sense? To each their own!


Either this woman is sitting on a giant purple cushion to soften the seats of the wheelchair or she needs to start taking up walking once again.


Now I am no cowboy, and certainly not a fashion expert, but I always thought you were supposed to wear something UNDER an overall? And, come on, who doesn’t like burger and fries? I don’t blame him for sporting that awesome shirt.


When texting and posting selfies is too tiring, you hop into the shopping cart and have mom push you around.


I am perfectly cool with this outfit so long as he can prove that the fur clothing he is wearing is faux fur and that no animals were harmed in the production of his outfit.


Hey! The open back is popular these days! And, well, the image on the right is self-explanatory. But either way, let me theorize. How does someone decide to buy groceries in their underwear? But to be wearing a bikini composed of the confederate flag? C’mon, that’s just totally not socially appropriate.


Parenting at it’s finest. I know I would definitely never rock another pair around him if he was my dad.


Well, that’s one way to make sure your toddler won’t run off. Also, for the gentleman on the right’s sake, I hope it’s Halloween because there is really no other reason why a grown man should be wearing that.


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