These 10 Optical Illusions Will Make You Go ‘Huh?’


We use our brains for a ton of things. From basic tasks like blinking and breathing to storing memories, learning, and creating, it’s safe to say the human brain is a pretty fascinating thing.

However, there are some occasions when our brains can play tricks on us. Whether it be the way something is sized or photographed or a tricky drawing, there are some things that are so confusing that they are considered an optical illusion.

This might be a series of colors that appear to be different shades but are actually the same, or a chalk drawing that appears three dimensional even though it’s flat on the ground.

Here are 10 awesome optical illusions that are bound to give your head a spin.

1. This park appears to be a spherical globe made out of grass. It’s strange that there are still people who argue that the world is flat when clearly it’s round. Or is it?

In this case, the park is actually made out of flat grass. It’s stretched out long and slender so that when viewed from far away it gives the illusion that it’s a round three-dimensional globe.

2. Question time! Out of the two orange circles, can you tell which one is bigger? Be careful when making your decision because this one is a bit tricky!

Did you figure it out? If not this might help you. The circles are actually the same size! This is known as the Ebbinghaus Illusion.

3. For this one, you’re going to stare at the yellow dot in the center of the image for about 15 seconds. Once you’ve done that, start to move in closer. What do you notice?

If you focused, you will notice that the outer rings appear to be moving and rotating when you get closer and move back. They can also change direction!

4. This one is super cool. Stare at the spot just above the black dot in this image for about 20 to 30 seconds. Once you’ve done that, move on to the next picture to be amazed.

Although the photo is in black and white, you definitely saw the buildings and trees in color right? Isn’t that amazing?

5. Check out those orange squares. Can you tell which one is lighter in color? I’m guessing that you’re going to say the one on the bottom, right? Well, look again.

This illusion makes the orange squares appear to be different colors when in reality they are the exact same shade.

6Stare at the black dot. After about 15 to 20 seconds, you should notice the lighter gray patch slowly start to fade until it completely vanishes. Is it magic? A gif?

This is a variation of Troxler’s effect which basically says that if you focus your eyes on a specific point, stimuli around that point will gradually fade. Stare at this image and watch as it completely vanishes.

7. This one is pretty cool. It looks like there is one white square, and one gray square, right? Well, try putting your finger on the line where they meet. Amazed, aren’t you?

8. Do you see a black triangle in this picture? Really? Because there isn’t one. This is called the kanizsa triangle and it was named after Gaetano Kanizsa, the first person to describe this effect. When you look at this picture, your brain creates the lines of a triangle when they don’t actually exist.

9This is probably one of the most famous optical illusions. It’s an impossible image where there are two rectangular prongs that somehow morph into three cylindrical prongs.

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 1.13.28 PMlist25

10. In case your head isn’t already spinning, check out this guy’s face. Can you tell which set of eyes are supposed to be the right ones?

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