These People Submitted Photos To ‘We Rate Dogs’ Yet The Animals In Them Are Not Dogs


The Twitter WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) is a great time. If you aren’t following it already you should definitely check it out! If you haven’t guessed from the name, users submit photos of their pups and this account rates them a number between 1 and 10.

It’s hilarious and adorable. It features dogs of all size and breeds. But lately, people have been submitting pictures that, according to this account, aren’t exactly dogs.

From seals to kangaroos, WeRateDogs has been posting these ‘imposter’ photos. They are asking the owners to only submit photos of dogs as well as identifying the actual animal they are.

Here are 16 animals submitted that are anything but dogs!

1. This isn’t a dog, it’s clearly a Pokemon. The leaf on his head totally completes this disguise.

2. If you haven’t caught on by now, the Twitter account comments on dogs that appear to be different animals, such as this one that’s stretched out like a snake.

3. The funny thing about this one is that it actually looks like a kangaroo. It’s the way his legs are tucked up. It totally looks like he’s leaping.

4. I wonder if this dog put the straws in his own mouth or if his owner seized the opportunity with an easy-going pup.

5. Why is it always so funny when dogs wear clothing? This one has been taken to the next level because these totally do look like grown human men.

6. Looks like we’ve got a toasted marshmallow! The white fur combined with the slightly golden fur really does make this pup look like a campfire treat.

7. Now that’s a huge polar bear. I wonder if the people who send these photos are aware that their pet doesn’t exactly look like a dog.

8. Kind of looks like this dog is walking on water. There’s only one other person who was known to do that. Clearly, something fishy is going on here.

9. I wonder how this pup got stuck in a shirt sleeve. This would be a pretty good Halloween costume for him, he totally looks like a seal.

10. Water distorts everything. Look what it’s done to this guy! He totally looks like a little dinosaur hanging out in the pool.

11. The fact that this little guy can fit in a teddy bear is too much. It’s a cute overload! We thank its owners for having the idea to do this, snap a picture and post it online.

12. Look at this lovely fluffy rug. WeRateDogs is sure getting fed up of receiving photos of non-dogs, but this is going too far.

13. Scary! This Twitter user sent in a photo of the paranormal activity dog they found in their house. Pretty spooky, if you ask me.

14. That’s a really long tongue, and those colors totally make this guy look like a miniature panda. I wonder if he eats bamboo.

15. This would be the perfect spot for an owl to hangout. It’s understandable that WeRateDogs got a bit confused with this one. You’re fooling no one, little hooter!

16. This poor guy got his head stuck in some piping. Because of this, he got mistaken for a giraffe. You can see more hilarious photos like these on WeRateDog’s twitter page. 

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