Guy Pays $800 To Get 40+ Bats Out Of His Attic, Doesn’t Expect Contractors To Do This

David Hill is a writer who is originally from Hot Springs Arkansas but now resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and three kids. While he was a well-known writer at Grantland and has also written for publications such as The New Yorker, The New York Times as well as GQ, it was his recent succession of tweets that garnered him attention from social media. The writer, who was once described by Metta World Peace (or Ron Artest) as ‘the future’ and an ‘amazing writer’ tweeted about his home invasion. Not by any sort of criminals or delinquents but by a huge hosts of bats.

It was on Twitter where his story quickly went viral. He tweeted: ‘we have over 40 bats in our attic, we paid a company $800 to get rid of them. The guy is up there now swatting them out with his hands.’ The story which was retweeted and liked more than a thousand times features two employees of this bat-removal company, known as Tanner and Brad.

And David, noting this unconventional method of bat removal, decided to ask the men whether this was a practice that they had perfected. He wrote: ‘I asked the guy if they always do it this way and he said ‘no, when we first started we didn’t know much about bats. We used a pillowcase. We put on gloves and would just grab them and put them in the pillowcase. One time a new guy got scared and swung it around and killed them.’

David continued by tweeting about how killing bats got them ‘in trouble with the protected species thing’ so now they have to just ‘shoo em out.’ His next update on Twitter was about the erection of a 40-foot ladder to the side of his house.

David went on to explain how ‘there are bats everywhere now’ and because of the ladder leading to the attic the bats have decided to get a little more aggressive. David then describes how Tanner and Brad are nervous about going up the 40-foot ladder with the potential of a bat flying out and attacking them. Taking note of the conversation, David decides to upload a poll onto his Twitter asking: ‘will the bats come back while Tanner is on the ladder?’ Unsurprisingly, 95 percent of the votes came back in with a resounding ‘yes!’

The next update involves Brad going up the ladder and later David tweeting: ‘success. No bats, no deaths.’ David went on Twitter to let his followers know that there were ‘at least 50’ bats up in his attic and they were not pleased with Brad’s unannounced visit. He tweeted: ‘so comforting to know there are 50 pissed off homeless bats flying around my neighborhood right now.’

Many people were happily delighted by this bat infestation story and decided to respond on Twitter. Charles tweeted: ‘can you send them to me for mosquito season?’ while Matt Law wrote: ‘Brad and Tanner = BAT. hmm…’ And Kate Wheeling kindly wrote: ‘hit me up next time, I’ll do that for $500.’

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