Brooklyn Beckham Got The Same ‘Problematic’ Tattoo As His Dad And People Are Furious

Brooklyn Beckham, son of soccer star David Beckham, is feeling the heat after sharing an Instagram post of one of his many tattoos. The ink received backlash in the comments section after some of his followers felt the image was culturally insensitive.

It’s safe to say the close-knit Beckhams are #familygoals. Famous parents David and Victoria Beckham have promoted hands-on parenting and share very close bonds with all four of their children; Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 13, and their only daughter, 6-year-old Harper.

The oldest of the four, Brooklyn Beckham, has chosen to create his own path to success. The teen revealed he wasn’t a fan of the pressure that came with being David Beckham’s son on the soccer field and he chose to pursue photography instead. However, Brooklyn seems anything but resentful of the shadow his successful father unintentionally cast on his children.

Brooklyn and David are constantly sharing posts spending time together and cracking jokes. 

Brooklyn and DavidInstagram

Brooklyn has made it known he idolizes his father and has already started getting inked up just like his pops.

Brooklyn and DavidInstagram

It’s obvious these two are the best of buds, and Brooklyn felt so strongly towards his soccer-star dad that he chose to get the same tattoo as him, even using the same tattoo artist. Adorable, right?

Brooklyn and DavidInstagram

Unfortunately, the tattoo he chose to recreate was a controversial one. The tattoo, a Native American figure wearing a feathered headdress, received criticism from some of his fans who felt it was disregarding ‘the violent history of indigenous people’.

The tattooInstagram

Many comments expressed mixed feelings over the tattoo, calling the ink culturally insensitive.


Others fans appreciated the artwork and defended Brooklyn’s decision: “I don’t see any of you complaining when someone gets something tattooed in Chinese when they have no relation to the language,” wrote one user.


Brooklyn has debuted two other tattoos dedicated to his father; “1975” on his right hand, the year his father was born, and the number 7 on his forearm, a nod to his father’s soccer career.

Brooklyn BeckhamInstagram

Although the sentiment is sweet, many are still asking why the Native American tattoo? Neither Brooklyn nor his father has yet to give a reason for the tattoo choice, but we’re sure Brooklyn will be showing off a lot more soon.


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