Nanny Falls In love With Dying Baby She’s Taking Care Of, And Makes An Offer Her Parents Can’t Refuse

It’s an incomparable feeling when a child comes along and steals our hearts. For some, it may be a child of their own, and for others, a child in dire need. For Kiersten Miles, it only took three weeks to connect to baby Talia, and come to a life-saving decision.

Over the summer, 22-year-old Kiersten Miles was recommended to babysit for a family. Prior to taking the job, she was informed that their 9-month-old baby was ill and would require extra attention and care. Talia Rosko, the youngest of three children had unfortunately been battling a rare infant liver disease known as Biliary atresia. Such a disease would require a liver transplant to prolong their lives until at least adulthood. Upon becoming aware of this condition, Kiersten began to research and wanted to get involved.

To her fortune, she has type O negative blood, which is compatible with all other blood types, thus taking a step forward in her endeavour to save this baby’s life. Talia would require a part of Kiersten’s liver to save her life. Luckily, her parents had already placed her on a list with all of her requirements, and if a matching liver would become available, she would get it. Talia’s family had warned Kiersten that this was a big decision she should discuss with her parents, however, she already had her mind set on this, and filled out the paperwork to become her donor.

On January 11th, at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, a portion of Miles’ liver was removed by their medical team and rushed over to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where Talia would receive the most precious gift in her young life.

Such an act could never be expected, especially from a nanny the family was still getting familiar with. It’s a decision that would never and could never be forgotten, and a generosity that is truly beyond the norm.

Kiersten received an outpour of gratitude and support for this miraculous act, even from strangers. She hopes that this story spreads further awareness about liver donations, and organ donation generally. “I didn’t know that she was this selfless — I’ve come to find out that this is who she is. She really is an angel on earth; I know that sounds silly, but she really is.” Farra Rosko told “I don’t know where she would be without Kiersten.”

Though a scar remains, it is a daily reminder of the courageous decision she made to give a promising young girl a new chance and life ahead that she certainly deserves.


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