18 People Who Are Brilliant At Pranking

April Fool’s day is coming up, which means it’s time to forget about the holiday until March 21st and then panic. If you’d prefer not to, why not take a page out of these Redditors‘ books, and use one of these 18 brilliant pranks?

“During my junior year in high school, the seniors decided to flip every seat in the auditorium. All the chairs were bolted into the ground by the way. The night before a morning school meeting, the class snuck in, unscrewed every chair, turned them backwards, and screwed them back in.
When the meeting began on Tuesday morning, the entire school had to face backwards for the whole meeting. I enjoyed that one.” (matthewmcinerney)

“In 2008 I managed to convince my boss (and half the internet) that I’d been raided by the FBI for “hacking” John McCain’s Myspace page.
I uploaded a pro-McCain photo to my server and then posted it as a comment on his MySpace. Once it was approved, I waited until the evening (interns had gone home) and then replaced it with an offensive anti-McCain cartoon.
Then, a few days later, I posted on Digg that I’d been raided, using stock photos and a heartfelt article.
At the bottom of the article was a link to “Help me” which led to an “April Fool” page. People started posting in the comments on Digg that it was a joke, linking to that page, but then I used mod_rewrite rules to take those links back to the main article, confusing people further.
I’d even warned my boss I was pulling the stunt, yet he still called to check I wasn’t actually arrested. Fun day.” (deleted)

“Some friends and myself took it upon ourselves to write, in plain black handwriting on the wall directly opposite the toilet inside of every public toilet cubicle in our city, including pubs, clubs, student unions, shops: “[friend’s name], I knew you would read this”
He got steadily more and more freaked out over the next few weeks.” (deleted)

“I told my younger brother that he was insane for wasting all the air in the bags of his chips and that I couldn’t believe he opened the bag so fast wasting all the air. For about 3-4 years, he would open the corner of the bag and suck the air out of the bag before opening it.” (Spagetti_Man)

“My brother and I were in the middle of an intense Rickroll war. Lame, right?… That’s why I stepped it up a notch. My brother was looking for a car and I knew exactly what he wanted. So I put a post on Craigslist with a reasonable description, a picture of a decent looking example, and put a price that was reasonable and believable. The kicker was that the phone number was to a Rickroll hotline. Two days later he texted me, “you win”. (jarrydjames)

“I worked at an aquarium that would use heavy magnets to clean some of our smaller exhibits. So I placed one such magnet in the middle of my buddy’s desk with a note under it that read, “April Fools.” Under the desktop, I stuck a handful of nails and paper clips that he soon had to clean up. Beautifully simple.” (Smellzlikefish)

“I guess, in a way, this was my joke.
I jokingly suggested to my friend in college that he should pretend to break up with his girlfriend on April Fools’. He thought it was a great idea. I tried to convince him it was not, in fact, a great idea, but he thought it would be hilarious.
He called her, told her they had to break up, and before he could say April Fools’, she said something along the lines of “I knew something had been wrong with us for a while, you should have done it sooner if you felt that way.”‘ (Verbal_Roger_Really)

“Bring a food item to work, like a bowl of candy or something. Don’t tamper with it at all! Just leave a sign over it saying “Happy April Fools!” Watch the chaos as your co-workers try to figure out what you did to the food.” (peepeebumbumman69)

“My parents were having a New Years party on 12/31/99, so I sneaked into the utility room when no one was looking right before the big countdown. I could hear everyone counting and at zero, I pulled the main breaker to the house, causing everyone to panic thinking that Y2K was real.” (LoveIsLife31)

“Do animal pranks count? My friend has an African grey parrot that is quite intelligent. The parrot didn’t like my friend’s brother, so it learned to mimic their mother’s voice. The parrot was downstairs and the brother’s room was upstairs. So what happened was, the parrot would call him, he’d yell back “WHAT MA” then sigh and come downstairs to find…the parrot. Eventually, it learned the entire routine including the noises he made coming down the stairs and him yelling “STUPID BIRD.'” (deleted)v

“I left out test keys with the wrong answers on it (multiple choice). I know students have taken advantage.” (anonoman925)

“This didn’t happen to me, but it took place at one of the high schools in my town. So, this school was having a pep rally. Halfway through, when the dance squad was performing, two huge boxes tied in the rafters blew open and showered hundreds of crickets onto the team.” (felix1429)

“I purchased 200 mini rubber ducks and have been hiding them in everybody I know’s houses and vehicles… It’s been going on for almost 2 years and nobody has figured out where the hell they are coming from.” (rizahx)

“When my parents first got married (this is, maybe, 1948 or so), my mother took the morning newspaper on April Fool’s Day, hid it away, and gave it to my father on April Fool’s Day morning the following year. He says that’s when he realized it was all over for him, he would never be safe again.” (Subduction)

“Once, my roommate and I spent an afternoon sewing all the sleeves closed on our other roommate’s long-sleeved shirts. The sewing was done right at the end of the sleeve, so he would stick his arm through but then not be able to get his hand out. When he first discovered them, he thought that the dryer had “melted all of his sleeves together”. It was awesome.” (andiek0m)

“In fourth grade, I was able to convince the majority of kids in my school that they were going to die at sundown.” (deleted)

“I made a 10 euro bill with a troll face on it. After failing to use it as intended, I put in in a plastic jar. A few weeks later, I was excited to find 10 euros. I fell for it 4 times in total.” (Ratelslangen2)

“I was once at a small, sit-down ice cream shop in Ohio with about 15 guys. We were laughing, making a ton of noise, and generally being annoying to the waitress. To make things worse, only one person out of all 15 of us actually bought something: a single milkshake.
We naturally decided it was time to prank our slightly exasperated waitress. Someone suggested we give her the biggest tip of her life. After a bunch of laughing, everyone put in a couple bucks. Then one guy put in a $20, and it was game on. All the dudes started trying to one-up one another by putting in more money for this lady’s laughably large tip.
We ended up giving her about $170 for a $5 milkshake. When she saw it she started crying and shaking and couldn’t understand what was happening.
We thanked her for her excellent service and went on our way.” (deleted)

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