24 Of The Most Embarrassing Things People Have Caught Their Partners Doing

When you’re in a relationship with someone, you get to know that person a lot better than most people do — for better and for worse. The facade of wooing eventually fades away and our less than flattering quirks tend to surface over time. While this is only natural for any long-term couple, it can also be quite embarrassing at times. Most couples will keep these moments of shame between themselves, but some have found their way onto the Internet instead.

Clearly, some moments have proven to be too hilarious to keep behind closed doors. From walking in on them doing something weird to the laughable things they’ve found left lying around, the following people have shared their significant other’s embarrassing moments for the rest of the world’s entertainment.

Here are 24  hilariously embarrassing things people have caught their partners doing.

1. You may think you know someone, but apparently, there are some niche hobbies that are better left a secret. Reddit user sedatemenow shared this discovery with the community, writing, “I was putting away laundry. I can’t believe what I found at the bottom of my wife’s underwear drawer.” Maybe she was just waiting until she got good enough to reveal her new talent.

2. “Just found out this is how my boyfriend irons his clothes,” shared Rachel on Reddit. Hey, sometimes you’ve got to improvise when you have limited resources. At least this guy is making some sort of an attempt at having wrinkle-free clothing even though his process resembles a bad life hack more than anything else.

3. For some people, The Simpsons Movie just provided a fair share of laughs, but for others, apparently, it provided some inspiration as well. This Imgur user shared this picture, writing, “Walked in on my husband walking the cat across the ceiling while singing, ‘Spider cat, spider cat, does whatever a spider cat does.’”

4. Anyone who has a bedroom that lets in a lot of sunlight know that it can be a battle to sleep in. This boyfriend, however, found a way to create a makeshift sleeping mask to get in some more shut-eye. “Bedroom is really sunny in the morning,” shared Kat211. “Found my husband sleeping like this.”

5. Deciding to get a pet is usually a pretty big step for a couple, but apparently, they don’t just provide extra love, they provide comic relief as well. “Heard my husband telling the dog to stay still in the kitchen, walked in and this greeted me,” Szmanda44 shared on Reddit.

6. Part of the beauty of being in a relationship is that you both get to learn from one another. However, there are some things you would hope people already know. This woman found out that her husband thought he could microwave his shirt to dry it faster (through experience, unfortunately).

7. “Sister texted me saying she lost her husband at Babies R Us,” shared one Reddit user. “20 minutes later, she found him.” Never go mattress shopping when you’re tired, even if the mattresses are for “little tikes.” This tiny plastic ship must be a lot more comfortable than it looks.

lost her husband at Babies R UsReddit /u/ ashley_spashley

8. “Stages of my wife’s despair when we missed the ice cream truck,” zattack1303 shared on Reddit. When you’re able to unleash your inner child (the good and the bad), then you really know you’ve reached an unparalleled level of comfort in your relationship. Considering she’s barefoot, it’s safe to assume that she really went for it.

9. “My wife doesn’t know I’m working from home today,” Craigstone_ shared on Reddit. “This is my wife, working on her novel. Expected release date: 2052.” Hey, maybe she’s just brainstorming and getting a little vitamin D in the process. Every writer has their own process (some are just more effective than others).

10. Even if you’re bad at remembering dates, there are some that should really be embedded in your brain if you don’t want a future fight. “I needed to borrow my wife’s phone,” admitted one Reddit user. “She said her password was our anniversary. I gave the phone back and said I didn’t know what happened.”

you’re bad at remembering datesReddit /u/ StarskyAndHutch

11. Apparently, you don’t always know someone until you get a glimpse of what’s inside their glove compartment. This woman was rightfully confused when she discovered that her boyfriend felt the need to keep a pair of 3D movie glasses, a “Weird Al” Yankovic CD, and over 200 “wiggle” eyes in his vehicle.

Weird Al” Yankovic CD, and over 200 “wiggle” eyes Reddit /u/ strvncrtoonst

12. “Unseasonably beautiful weather today,” shared Reddit user apocalypse. “Came home from work to find my husband enjoying it.” Most of us have our parents yelling at us to turn off the TV and enjoy the outdoors burned into our brains at this point. This guy, however, found a bit of a loophole.

13. “I wish my girlfriend told me she was afraid of heights before going on the Ferris wheel,” one Reddit user shared with the community. It’s safe to assume that this was probably pretty early on in their relationship. She may have thought she could put on a brave face, but evidently, that did not end up being the case.

afraid of heights before going on the Ferris wheel, Reddit /u/ smashmouthftball

14. “We just got a new sofa today and I caught my wife doing this,” califalcon shared on Reddit. Maybe she’s just trying to avoid making the first stain with whatever she’s eating. A new sofa only looks new for so long and this woman is clearly doing her best to ensure this sectional’s longevity.

15. Buying a label maker seems like a very adult investment to make, but apparently not every adult uses it for the same intended purpose. This woman’s boyfriend felt the need to start labelling things around the house that really do not need labels, but hey, at least he’s using it.

16. The days of trick or treating may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean all of us have moved on from having a pillowcase worth of candy at our disposal. This husband discovered his wife’s “naughty drawer” and quickly realized that apparently not everything in their marriage is shared.

17. “Came home to find my girlfriend had used my blow darts to kill a spider and I’m on clean-up duty,” reign comes shared on Reddit. “Also there are over a dozen holes in the door jamb now.” She may have managed to take out this spider on her own, but she certainly needs to work on her aim.

to kill a spiderReddit /u/ reigncom

18. “Caught my girlfriend eating these ‘Christmas cookies,’” tiger hunting shared on Reddit. “They’re dog treats.” In all fairness, when you present dog treats that look like little cookies in a glass bowl on the counter, how do you expect anyone to know the difference? One might argue that this boyfriend set her up for failure.

19. Old habits die hard. “While looking for a place to hide presents, I discovered my wife has not quit smoking,” rubbermeetroad shared with the Reddit community. You would think that there would be other signs that would have tipped off this guy, but maybe her stash location is her sneaky downfall.

20. There are just some people out there who don’t care how technology has advanced, they are going to keep doing things the way they know how to. “Caught my wife taking a picture of a picture,” shared bkcoldshott. “She said this was easier.” To each their own. Screenshots are not for everyone.

21. “During a 12-hour flight delay, my boyfriend wandered off,” Jane shared with the Reddit community. “When I found him, he was in the middle of a Pixar movie marathon with a group of 5-year-olds.” Hey, no one can deny Pixar’s ability to capture the hearts of multiple generations.

22. If you don’t have kids and you hear a treadmill running, it’s usually safe to assume that someone is using it to work out. However, that was not the case for this woman who caught her husband playing with a toy firetruck red-handed. Does anyone who owns a treadmill actually end up using it for its intended purpose?

23. There’s a lot of sharing involved in marriage, but there are some innocuous things spouses like to keep to themselves. “My wife finally found out where I’ve been getting my Snickers bars,” shared Standard_Candle. Sometimes it’s not about a hiding place as it is about making use of a clever disguise.

24. “I just caught my boyfriend in the act,” megabetty shared with the Reddit community. “He doesn’t know that I know his secret.” Earphones may be a great way to enjoy some sold entertainment in private, but they can also distract you from knowing when that intended privacy is lacking.

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