Woman Takes In Dad And Newborn Who Are Unable To Fly Home

There’s a lot of good people that exist in this world. You don’t have to know someone personally to do something that is exceptionally kind. This story is surely one that will help you realize that with all the hardships that are going on in this world, there is still a small dose of good that exists. Meet a man named Rubin Swift. Rubin is from Cleveland, Ohio and he traveled to Phoenix to pick up his newborn daughter, Ru-Andria.

According to CBS News, Rubin traveled to Phoenix to pick up his baby girl after he was granted custody of her. He planned on flying home to Cleveland with her once he picked her up from the hospital. However, those plans got changed after Swift arrived at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. The airport had told him that Swift could not return home with Ru-Andria just yet.

You see, Frontier Airlines’ policy notes that babies who are under seven days old cannot fly. Makes sense, right? Unfortunately, Ru-Andria was only four days old. He was a bit distraught, according to CBS news because the hospital had given him the “okay” to fly with his new baby. However, the airline did not allow it. Swift had nowhere to go, and no place to stay with his 4-day old baby. In comes Joy Ringhofer to save the day. 

Ringhofer volunteers at Banner University Medical Center. This is where Ru-Andria was born.  She had met Swift just when he came in to pick up his new daughter. She told CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO, “I was rocking her when her father came in and we sort of made a connection right away.” It’s crazy to think that you can make such a connection with someone after only speaking to them briefly. Some people just make a huge impression on you that you never forget.

After Swift was essentially rejected at the airport to fly home with his newborn, he decided to call Ringhofer for help. According to news reports, he wasn’t expecting her response to him. He told KPHO, “I didn’t expect her to say, ‘I’m coming to get you and take you home…’”

He continued, saying, “So, I’m thinking, ‘She is going to drive me back to Cleveland?’ But she actually brought me to her house and is feeding me and making sure my baby is alright.” Swift ended up staying in this woman’s house for the next three days. Just until his baby is ready to fly.

Ringhofer said, “I had such a strong feeling that I needed to do this for him. I know he was a kind and safe man to have in my home and he has been a perfect gentleman.” Swift added, “My color was never an issue. She loves my baby. My baby was with her all night. She stayed up with her. Who does that?” For more on this story, check out the video below!

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