Kim Kardashian Shares A Picture Of Her Eating Noodles In Tokyo

The Kardashian sisters took an epic trip to Tokyo recently and have the Instagram evidence to prove it.

Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian posted stunning pictures from their trips to the Japanese capital, where they immersed themselves in the culture.

Kim Kardashian, in particular, seemed to love Japan, posting picture after picture of the trip to Instagram with her bright pink hair and admittedly anime-inspired looks. Now that her hubby Kanye West has launched Yeezy Season 7, you can bet all of Kim’s anime-inspired outfits were different Yeezy pieces from the new collection.

Fans were loving Kim’s futuristic style, which included big puffer jackets, shiny biker shorts and a lot of spandex. Kourtney and Khloe also seemed to be joining in on the look, with Kourtney sporting everything from a shiny Matrix-inspired duster coat to slick-backed hair and a pop of eyeshadow. Kim, on the other hand, was sporting a more leisurely look in her Yeezy attire.

Bottom line, Kim was definitely putting out a vibe, posting several pictures with and without her famous sisters strolling the Tokyo streets, meeting Geishas, and eating signature Japanese dishes.

But one picture, in particular, caught her fans’ attention; a picture of the social media star eating noodles without her top on! The KUWTK star captioned the photo ‘nudels’ followed by a matching emoji. Clever.

Now I’m no expert, but I have a feeling this isn’t the most practical attire when slurping back a bowl of ramen. But hey, she’s Kim Kardashian, she can make anything seem like a good idea!

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