Every Summer, One Man Nails Bags Of Water To His Door Frame, You’ll Want To Do The Same

Summertime means spending as much time outside as possible. That means pool parties, Barbeques, camping and much, much more. The only downside to all these things is the bugs, especially flies. You can’t enjoy your day without those annoying flies.

There’s some stuff you can purchase at the store to help you, but those can get pretty pricey. Especially if most of the time you can only use them once and then you have to throw them away. What a waste of money.

One man explains why he nails bags of water to his door frame every summer. It’s the perfect solution to helping you keep those flies away from you. All you need is a plastic sandwich bag, lime juice, table salt, pennies, and water.

A contributor at Instructables went through the step-by-step instructions in order to help you make your own anti-fly device.

They wrote, “You can buy expensive bug zappers but why when you could take the safe and humane approach?”

They continued, “Just by taking five minutes, you will have a fly-free BBQ.” It’s so easy and definitely worth a shot.

First things first, start by dumping 2 ½ cups of water into a bowl and add a good amount of salt and lime juice.


The user instructed, “There is no exact amount, it just keeps the pennies shiny. Stir this mixture to blend it all together. It will just look like regular water.”

It is also important to note that adding these two ingredients, it’ll make the effects last much longer. Use a spoon to mix all of that together.

Once that’s done, carefully pour your mix into a plastic sandwich bag until it’s almost full. Drop in your pennies and then seal the bag shut.

That’s basically it. You now have made an anti-fly device. You can hang the sealed bag anywhere you’d like.

You can hang it around at your pool party, or at your summer BBQ using bent paper clips and sticking them into the back. Just be sure that no water is spilling out.

You’re probably wondering if this tactic actually works and why it works. According to prod.awm.com, many have sworn by this tool.

As to why it works? Another Instructables user noted, “Flies have visual receptors called ommatidia that don’t let them control the amount of light that enters their eyes.”

They continued, “That’s why the reflective light or flicker light “scares” them because they can’t focus.” I guess the sun’s reflection off of the water and pennies makes them stay away from your area.

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