Huge, Mysterious Object Flying Past Earth Might Be An Alien Spacecraft, Scientists Say

Throughout decades of space exploration, mankind has come across some questionable and mysterious objects that have left us inevitably wondering and curious. It’s an infinite space out there, with endless possibilities that may surface or roam past the planet that we have inhabited for years. In a recent observation, scientists have come across a huge, mysterious object flying past Earth that might be an alien spacecraft.

Initially, scientists believed that this cigar-shaped object was nothing more than a passing asteroid like many that have come before. However, upon extensive search for alien life in the past, their studies have led them to question whether it could possibly be an artifact originating from an alien civilization. To investigate further, researchers are planning to point a powerful telescope in the direction of this mysterious object, to try and identify its origins. 

Already been named “Oumuamua”, this could potentially be deemed as the first visitor from another galaxy to be located in our solar system. This object was first spotted by astronomers from the University of Hawaii back in October, possessing a number of unusual characteristics that have left researchers intrigued as to what it’s all about.

Straying away from the common characteristics of an asteroid, this particular object is hundreds of meters long, while only one-tenth as wide, nor is it round. It’s believed that its long needle shape enables it for long-distance travel through space, minimizing the chance of coming across interstellar gas or dust. This phenomenon and its properties are being extensively investigated, to determine what exactly it could be.

Flying at a mighty 196,000 miles per hour through the universe, it seems as though it will avoid the sun’s gravity and fly off right past our solar system. Its abnormal shape is being put into question by Seti, the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, who have released a statement saying “…a cigar or needle shape is the most likely architecture for an interstellar spacecraft” and that they are “well positioned to explore the possibility that Oumuamua could be an artifact.”

The spacecraft got its name after the Hawaiian term for “scout” or “messenger”. It is being closely listened to by a large fully steerable radio telescope, across four radio frequency bands, ensuring they get to the bottom of what this may be.

Currently, the mysterious object is located two astronomical units from Earth, which is twice the distance between the Earth and the sun, which would take the telescope less than a minute to detect. Even with the possibility of no conclusive evidence, researchers will still be able to gain new information about gases surrounding the object or the presence or absence of water. Furthermore, this idea will allow them to survey a million nearby stars and 100 nearby galaxies for potential alien signals. It’s an enticing time for scientists and researchers alike, as they aim to collect new data that has not yet been uncovered. To the relief of us all, it poses no threat to our planet, as it continues to roam and be investigated.

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