25 Pics That Are As Hilarious As They Are Real

When we come across a photo that we find hilarious we usually think that it must be fake.

When it turns out that these hilarious photos are real we find them even funnier. If you are looking for a good laugh then you have come to the right place.

Below is a list of 25 pictures that are as hilarious as they are real.

1. Facebook Photo Print: When we think of photos that are posted on Facebook we don’t ever think about printing them off. Well, thanks to this hilarious aunt we now have proof that people print those photos we post on Facebook as they are. They don’t save the photos but rather print the screenshotted version of them.

2. Spying Snapchat: When we take a Snapchat of ourselves we never think of what we look like to the people around us. Unluckily for this girl we now know what we look like when we are spotted taking a snapchat. This photo is hilarious and all too real for anyone who takes Snapchats out in public.

3. The Rock’s Style: These are three different shots of The Rock in three different films. Yet, he looks as though he is wearing the exact same thing. We guess that this is his best look according to stylist and costume designers on the sets of his movies. Now that this is pointed out to us we will be on the look-out to see if this hilarious coincidence happens again.

4. Different Receipt: When we go to the store and we are told not to spend too much money we always promise we won’t. But when we get to the shop we end up spending more than we thought and don’t want to admit it to the person we promised. That’s what makes this sign hilarious. If you spend even more money then you can continue the lie when you get home.

Reddit /u/ j_curic_5

5. Green Parking: The whole green parking thing has been happening more and more recently. Now, this is for cars that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Not for cars that are painted green. Though this is what this individual thought and we can’t stop laughing at the fact that this person had the guts to park there.

6. Pregnancy Photos: When we think of getting pregnancy photos done we think of seeing the couple holding hands around the woman’s belly. But for Ronnie from Jersey Shore, he had a better idea and actually paid for the photo you are now seeing. It’s hilarious that this photo is actually real and the fact that Ronnie thought it would be a good idea to make it look like he was the one who was pregnant.

7. Online Purchase: When you order clothing items online they tend to never be like you expect upon delivery. This girl found that out the hard way by ordering a jacket online and when she put it on it looked way too big on her. This photo is hilarious because the jacket makes the girl look like a green marshmallow.

Instagram /u/ @kalesalad

8. Exactly What You Ordered: There are times when you look at something online and want to purchase it. And when it comes in the mail the item is exactly what it looked like in the photo. That’s what happened to this guy and we can’t stop laughing. What is this guy going to do when it comes to using this pillow? Just lay down on the kid and fall asleep I guess.

9. Stolen Item: We are not sure if this item has been stolen or that the employee forgot to remove the ink tag. Either way what the person said in response to this girl’s question was hilarious. Usually these tags are removed when purchasing an item and they remain on for people who steal them. We just can’t stop laughing at the real response this girl got.

10. Birthday For One: This guy celebrated his birthday with the only person he really wanted to celebrate it with, himself. This photo is absolutely hilarious and we really want to know how he did it. These are all different pictures of the birthday boy scattered around his living room. We particularly like the one where he is eating.

Reddit /u/ The_Argentine_Pace

11. LOL: Even though we are all adults that work here at Bestie.com we can’t help but laugh at this WiFi name. It is one of those names that you only come by every so often that will make you laugh because it happened when you least expected it to.

12. Apology Cake: There is nothing worse to hear than someone you know having sex. When this person found out that their roommate heard them having sex they decided to make up for it by baking a cake. This cake looks delicious but we can’t help but find this picture hilarious because we have never heard of anyone doing this before for having loud sex. The best thing about this picture though is the long note.

13. Best Before Date: Usually when you see a best before date it actually has a date on it. But not this best before date. It seems like this company made a typo mistake and we can’t help but laugh at it. Who needs one anyways right? We can all just eat expired food and get sick. Jokes.

14. I Just Can’t: This is finally a shirt that can relate to a lot of people. It’s a different version than the one that says Just Do It. This is how we feel all the time when someone tells us to just do it. We just can’t do it right now, give us a bit of time and we will get around to it is what we want to say. Which is why this shirt is all too real and hilarious.

Reddit /u/ iam_fat_guy_

15. Face Match: It’s amazing when things like this happen because it’s such a hilarious coincidence. We are not sure if this guy was the model for the Lay’s chip brand or not but he sure looks a lot like the guy on the cover of the bag. He looks so happy about the fact that he is matching up to the guy on the Lay’s chips cover and we love it.

16. Fart: This husband likes to leave notes around the house for his wife. And we have to admit that this one is hilarious and we can’t stop laughing about it. The fact that he thought this far in advance about the fart he left on that pillow is priceless. And it’s awesome that his wife is game about it too.

17. Umbrella Baby: This poor baby isn’t being covered at all with the umbrella and no one around seems to notice or care. The hilarious expression on the baby’s face tells everything you need to know about how it is feeling about the unfair situation. We really hope that whoever was holding the baby noticed that this was happening shortly after this picture was taken.

18. Popup Book: The fact that this is real is hilarious. People have phobias for a reason and they try to avoid those phobias the best way they can. So the fact that there is a book that has pop-up phobias is amazing and we are shocked that it got published. Now we just wonder how many copies it sold.

19. Tree Licker: When this woman tried to take a nice photo of her daughter this is what happened. All the kid wanted to do was lick the tree trunk. And we remember being kids and doing weird things like this also. And we all have those photos to prove it. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t stop laughing at this hilarious photo.

20. Family or Friends: Depending on the person you are sending photos to you will send them the conservative ones or the more liberal ones. These photos sum up that whole logic. We send the nice photos to our family and then the silly ones to our friends. This is all too real and hilarious.

21. Comfortable Jesus Statue: This cat looks really comfortable in the arms of this Jesus statue. Cats always get into the most random spots and sit there at their most content. That’s what makes this picture hilarious. Knowing that this cat happened to find this statue is funny but the reason the cat stayed is hilarious.

Reddit /u/ scorpionpredator14

22. THIS SIGN!!!: We can’t believe that there needs to be a sign that says this. Who in their right mind would give any animal psychotic substances in the first place for there to be a need for this sign? It’s hilarious that there must have been some instance where this happened to have this sign up in the first place.

23. Fart Costume: When we are children we think of the strangest costumes for Halloween. This kid got it on point though with this fart costume. We have never seen anyone think this up and pull it off but this kid did. Thankfully they got a picture of it so everyone can see this hilarious costume.

24. Splits: There are not many people that can do the splits and pull it off this effortlessly. This girl is working it from every angle and even adding a hair flip to the whole shebang. We are laughing because we are envisioning ourselves doing this and failing completely.

25. Taped Door: In order to protect themselves from a cockroach this person decided to tape themselves inside their room. This is hilarious because it is something a lot of us would attempt doing is we saw a cockroach outside our room. It’s amazing how much power these things have over us.

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